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Polls possibly worthless for 2020.

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    I said in October of 16 that people were lying in the polls and that gave Hillary the favorability. People did not want to be identified supporting Trump. The historically inappropriate positions and statements being espoused by Trump now can void any polling data. I cannot find any formulas that account for lying significantly in polls. Unless a pollster shows data from a method that can account for lying then the pols will be useless. I personally think that Trump has expanded his base significantly with his tax cut. His racist pronouncements have picked up support from racist looking for validation and a leader. By an opposite reaction he probably didn’t lose support or force people to vote for two significant reasons. In the first case he never had support from anti racist in numbers that would affect his standing. In the second case anti racist tend to be compassionate and reasonable. They won’t be incited to vote against Trump because they can’t believe that a President can be inhumane. Unless Democratics come out with programs to capture the denied citizens, programs that can’t be identified as radical socialism or raise taxes, Trump can win. Parading a centrist leaning seems to play right into Trump who will be campaigning progressive goals like his unqualified Healthcare for all with no exclusions .
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    Yes, "polls" have become "worthless"; why tell the "polsters" what you "really" think; they could use that info to get you in trouble.