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House passes Minimum Wage of $15/hour

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    TJ Wrote: Those Congressional Republicans are not listening to their constituents as much as they're listening to the ones writing the checks because, it's expensive getting reelected.

    I can't recall what republican congressmen said recently "Raising the minimum wage means higher unemployment rates; what is the point of having a higher rate if people can't get a job? The democrats are really trying to create an unemployment bill. Democrats are anti-jobs, they don't want people to work, they want to return to soup lines of the 1930s"

    Using his logic, he is suggesting abolishing minimum wage completely because then employers could higher more people at half the cost or less. Better to higher 10 people at $1.oo per hour, than 1 person at $10 per hour, that way more people have jobs.... Yeah that makes perfect sense, for a 3rd world country with sweatshops and 12 hour work days, 7 days a week. Its a great deal for employers.

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    wwjd, absolutely the case. Indeed in the 1930's (ask Hitler) then you got cheap labour to pump out war tools. The rich would only get richer and the "slaves" poorer. As a matter of fact why do we have such trade deficit with China? Because they can make things cheaper than us, because of their "labor" rate. Also the fact that nowadays you can built an "car" with much less labor than in 1930 because of the "robots"; so you still can built these cheaper than in 1930 even with higher wages, but with with an smaller labor force.

    Looking at the total picture since "computers/robots" take over lots of "manual" work , but because of population expansion, then lots of people would be out of work, so how do you feed those; that's why there is unemployment coverage in most countries or stay at home "work". Yes the "future" has to be more "social" , unless you want people to rob for a living and sleep on the street.