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Trump's WH photos

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    All of his official WH photos always have a dozen people standing behind trump. He loves creating a fake image of himself as being some people love and adore. To me, it comes across as a man that thinks being president is about having his photo take with important and famous people. Its all about the image of being someone he is not, and never will be.

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    It's always about the optics. Trump manufactures events to have photo ops to draw attention away from something more controversial. Trump is the "smoke and mirrors" accomplished con man.
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    In my mind after the photo has been taken, the #1 thing he is concerned how how he looks in the photo. He looks at it and says something like:

    "Not acceptable, let's do it again. Call everybody back, this picture looks like shit! look at my hair!!! the sun light is not right, it makes my hair look grey. And look at Pence, he looks too tall in the picture, have him step back a few more feet so he looks dwarf standing next to me."