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Hope Hicks testimony

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    She's already testified before congress that she knew nothing about paying off storm Daniels and other illegal activities. Now that court documents have shown she was involved, the House wants her to come back and clarify. Now she got weeks to figure out how to spin everything so it sounds plausible. However, I expect over 95% of her responses will be:

    "I don't recall"
    "I can't answer because the president has executive privilege."
    "I chose not to answer on grounds that I might incriminate myself"

    Unless she slips up, it will be a Q&A session of stonewalling and non-answers. Even when asked to explain her activites that were revealed in the court documents, she will have prepared answers (by attorneys) that either clears herself, claims the facts are "Fake Facts", or has some alternative story such as it was not really her at those meetings describe in the court documents, it was really a doppelganger created by evil scientists hired by the whore Hillary Clinton to frame a innocent Christian Donald Trump, who has never cheated on any of his wives. No lie is too extreme for his base to believe. They love a good lie, the bigger the fish tale, the better.

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    Trump has surrounded himself with loyal enablers like Hope Hicks, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Kelly Anne Conway whose job is to make up facts to back up Trump's actions. Until Trump is out of the White House it may be impossible to get them to speak truthfully after living with hundreds of lies for so long. Or maybe they will continue to live the lies for the rest of their lives. How pathetic.
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    Such Trump women are skilled at working with sexist men, and they don't have a problem of being sexual harassed. When Trump is in a group of men that includes women, and he says

    Trump: "Kelly Ann never gets upset when I say she got a hot ass or she got great tits, Right Kelly Ann?"

    Kelly Ann: "You're always joking around like that Mr President."

    Trump: "See guys, real women like Kelly Ann like it when I talk like that. The truth is that women secretly like it when men treat them like whores, just like all women enjoy being raped. Sex is sex, and its always great no matter how they get it. Has anyone ever heard of man claiming he's been raped by a woman? Of course not!"

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    It is an useless waste of time. She is coached by the Trump clan and won't say anything useful. The Trump mafia is trained in these things as any "mob" who rules. The Dem's are being railroaded where ever they can be. The only way is to use also "mob" tactics. Don't forget Trump made sure that he appointed plenty lawyers and "positions" in strategic positions all over the government who promised "loyalty" to him. Until now the Dem's did not make any progress to get the "real" dirt on him.

    The Mueller interview will not lead to anything important; another waste of time; the guy is and remains an Republican and acts as any Trump "loyalist", otherwise he would have completed his work by investigating Deutsche Bank and Trump's "money trail".

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    Mueller handed over various investigations to other investigators not part of his team. Part reasoning was out of concern that Trump was going to fire mueller and have all his documents destroyed. Say, for example, the state of NY is investigating money laundrying, Trump has no control over it.