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it's all Obama's fault

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    By now, it's apparent that Trump NEVER admits that he is wrong about anything. Oftentimes, he blames Obama or his administration for disasters that he, or his administration have actually created.

    If you are old enough to remember when the movie "Oklahoma" came out (1956) , you'll appreciate the video below:

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    Since he's an total "loss"; he blames everyone,except himself the super genius. At a given moment he will run out of people who he can blame. But yeah he can then blame the same one's over and over again.

    I just wonder will this ever end? (or continue after 2020?)Crying

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    Now the A/C in the white house doesn't cool good enough. Of course, it's Obama's fault, because since he's black, black people don't like the cold, so he had it fixed to suit him, blacks are accustomed to heat and warmth, like them cotton pickers down south. (another veiled racist remark by whitey)

    "In President Donald Trump's view, even the inadequate air conditioning at the White House is Barack Obama's fault."