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just get me to the church on time ....

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    Throughout the world, more and more counties are becoming less religious. The countries that are the most religious tend to be poor African countries, and the least religious countries are the more affluent Western counties.

    When people feel less religious, they stop going to church, which eventually means you'll have some empty churches.

    So, what do you do with them?

    One of the more creative countries is the Netherlands, where only 26% of the population consider themselves to be religious.

    As of this week, one-fifth of all the churches in the Netherlands have been converted to secular uses, like community centers, museums, apartment buildings, and gyms.

    If you look at the pictures in the link below, you'll see some facilities that are very attractive.

    I'be been to Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and have seen the church where Arlo Guthrie enjoyed "a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat" more than 50 years ago (it's now the Guthrie Center), but there IS one re-purposed church that is far more intriguing.

    One of the most advanced computer centers in the entire world is the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, which is located in a former chapel named Torre Girona.

    Here is the outside view:

    See the source image

    And here is the inside view:

    See the source image

    The center is mentioned in Dan Brown's 2017 novel, Origin.

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    Yes, the less educated, the more religious. That is the case in this country. Education here has lagged, regardless that this country did land people on the moon. You see it already where all the "red" States are; they are the most uneducated States as well. It shows clearly in the government how "dumb" certain States are. Kentucky has produced the most "idiots" you can find, like McConnell and Rand Paul.

    Yes it is time that this "island" comes to their senses and joins the world. However the opposite is happening by having elected Trump/Pence, who uses "religion as an "tool" to get more "power over the people" as well use it to "cover up" their crimes. Congratulations America, no "god thing" will help you.

    China shows to be 7% ; thus the "education" there must better than here. But they have also an "wall" and have learned from that as well. How come, while it has an "dictatorship" based on "communism"? While we have here an "dictatorship" based on "capitalism"

    By the way, again an excellent piece of writing/research Arizona!

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    It is now very clear that the "churches are helping Trump and Pence, Pompeo and the other "religious fanatics", who surrounds Trump. He wants an "pure" white, religious country of "hypocrites" who are rich and make him "rich".

    The strange thing is in "heaven" there is no currency or luxury" (let alone if "heaven" exist) as far as I know, neither has huge "gold plated" castles. At least the "human" written "bibles" etc. don't mention it. I guess the "after life" (if it at all exist) must be very boring; floating in "space" without any luxury (or money) in between all the other "poor" "ghosts", especially for Trump and Pence/Pompeo/Epstein and Kussner, this must be horrible; so I wonder why all the "hurry" to get "rich"; which they actually don't really enjoy in their short lifetime, because it is never enough, let alone that "luxury" in an non-existing "heaven" is not available at any price. Amen