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Should I argue with my social worker

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    My social worker accused me of complaining about the mathematics being less than stellar..

    I told her that I'm not complaing...

    You wanted to get me out of trouble.. And now you got it.

    But there are trade offs and more than a lions share of sacrifice to be made here.
    It's as Simple as that.

    I am sacrificing care and understanding...
    And a safety net...
    And I'm trading it in for stability, safety and compliance.

    I trade in great ability and probability of reproduction... For a strong bonded relationship capability for myself and my sake.

    I told her that this is the result of getting out of trouble....

    This is what I get when I follow your advice to live around a better class of people.

    Because this what a batter class of people is.

    It's older, it's smarter, it's more educated, it's richer and better employed...

    And LESS experienced in things like Autism and the consequences that it has.

    I traded in my old ways...of fighting and screwing too much...

    For marriage, love, a career, luxury and nice treatment by the public here.

    No complaints... But the trade off is there and it is being made.

    She didn't like that one too much.