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blessing or curse

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    Science and all its creations benefited humanity in so many ways during the last 3 centuries.

    The discovery of the benefits and variety of uses for fossil fuels saved the whales and also made life easer, safer and more pleasant for humanity and doubled the life span of our kind but these blessings came at a high price because the heat from these fossil fuels began accumulating in the atmosphere and heating up the earth and oceans to the point today all life on earth is threatened but science has begun creating new products like solar panels, wind turbines and water power to deal with the problem of over heating.

    Plastics and toxic chemicals proved to be only a temporary blessing because plastics are not biodegradable so the planet has become overwhelmed with mountains and islands of plastic in the sea that is killing marine life all over the planet and the answer to this horrific tragedy is simple produce products that are biodegradable..

    Toxic chemicals like Roundup are killing the bees, butterflies, birds and other pollinators and are also poisoning our food, water and soil and shredding the web of life so the people of the earth are now choosing organic approaches to this deadly problem.

    Science also gave us the blessings of immunation to prevent childhood diseases and prevent other deadly health problems so fewer children died and people lived longer but the people of earth refused to control their birth rates and today 8 billion people live on our finite overheating, overpopulated planet with diminishing resources which can only result in chaos in human affairs.

    The question is; "In the future will science prove to be a blessing or a curse for future generations?"

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    Connie, the simple answer is: Who "profits from it" Thus you are either inclined to want an "clean" planet" or only want an temporary enrichment via "money" that is the choice. The way this country goes about it, sorry but it won't last.
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    Blessing or curse is the choice between planning or plutocratic guidance . So far the USA shows more reverence to money than life.