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    One could only be impressed by the talent, intelligence and outstanding ideas of the Presidential candidates during the MSMBC debates in Florida on June 26 & 27th.

    The American people would be well served by most of these candidates except for two of them; wishy, washy Biden whose record is appalling in its depth and breath of its negative effects on the American people and the shocking fact that Biden has been making millions from the Robber Barons, also Kamalla Harris whose record as DA of San Francisco and Attorney General of California earns her the title of poster gal for everything corrupt, unfair, unjust and dysfunctional in America's legal systems.

    The MSMBC questioners never mentioned 3 of the most important issues in America today; war crimes, peace and homelessness which is understandable since the MSMBC questioners employers are making billions in war profits every year and until the DNC supports the paths to peace instead of endless wars the Dems will continue to be nothing more than stooges for the Military Industrial Complex.

    Most of these candidates in the debates refused to even mention Trump and his criminal administration because they knew the American people are fed up with hearing about Trump's disastrous policies and the insane rantings and ravings of this maniac in the White House and the American people are desperate to hear commonsense, intelligent answers to America's serious problems without any bickering and divisiveness.

    Sadly, only Tulsi Gabbard was the only candidate that encouraged and supported a peaceful approach to world affairs and she did summarize in the most eloquent way what these candidates stood for; a government of the people, by the people and for the people and until that actually happens America will remain a corrupt Oligarchy.

    Hopefully, the American people will begin taking an interest in their government and get out and vote and the candidate that wins will be fighting for the best interest of the American people and not the Robber Barons, the Military Industrial Complex, Big Pharma and the capitalist global corporations that are determined to destroy the planet.

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    Connie, again as I've said before, most people here have no clue how elections should be run. It never should be on how much money you raised. Second it should be an "vetting" right from the start; what is their background, knowledge of the world and its history, knowledge of the human mind, knowledge of what is "corrupt', knowledge of the world economy; knowledge of "greed" how it is created, knowledge of how wars start; knowledge of society life and "mix"; be "neutral" and be neither an Trump Party, but think "independent" so all people count. etc. etc.

    Money never should be part of elections!