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Jeffrey Epstein

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    Herewith the better pictures:

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    Deutsche Bank hit with $150 million penalty for relationship to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein


    Dan Mangan@_DANMANGAN

    Jim Forkin


    • New York state financial regulators said that Deutsche Bank has agreed to a $150 million penalty in relationship to the bank’s lack of oversight in dealings with accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, the now-dead investor, as well as with two client banks.
    • A consent order agreed to with The New York State Department of Financial Services covers Deutsche Bank’s relationship with Epstein, and correspondent banking relationships with Danske Bank Estonia and FBME Bank.
    • Epstein, who died in what has been ruled a suicide while in jail, was a former friend of Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, as well as Prince Andrew.
    • His alleged procurer and former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, was arrested on federal charges in New Hampshire in early July.

    A Deutsche Bank AG flag flies outside the company's office on Wall Street in New York.

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    Sorry but there was an awful long story behind this news; it seems that there is an huge "web" of conspiracy behind all of this. If people are interested, then I will dig up the total story and try to print it. Anyway it shows that Trump, Epstein, and others dealt with Deutsche Bank via via. Chislaine Maxwell likely knows a lot about all of these "dealings". I'm so surprised that the FBI and CIA stay dead quiet; I bet Barr told them to don't touch it .

    Looking at this puzzle then I'm convinced the "dirt" pile is sky high, this includes Clinton as well who did visit Epstein.

    Since Deutsche Bank has been in the picture ever since the appointment of Corsuch in the Supreme Court due to that the son of Judge Kennedy worked at Deutsche Bank as well later an Deutsche Bank executive was found dead at his home, then it is an amazing web with all of them having contact with that bank.

    It is time the Dem's do their work to get all this dirt exposed.

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    Trump holding an"rally" in New Hampshire (this Saturday) is suspicious; an "set up" or coincidence?; the house of Chislaine Maxwell is there. I bet he's sent his cronies there to dig for "hidden" tapes" etc. on the property. The picture is getting more and more interesting per day.

    Also the book of his "niece" reveals a lot of Trump's youth; The Dutch news knew already what was in it, about the "why" and "how" Trump has become the way he is. Also the way how he got onto Wharton for a short period. etc.

    It shows that due the "treatment" he got at home, by being left alone for an full year by his father, that he was mentally not educated at all. Too bad I could not translate the Dutch story, but I'm sure it will surface here as well.

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    Mary Trump's book is being described as professionally written and truthful. She has been meticulous in her words. Her condemnation of the president should not be a shock to anyone. And it's consistent with the 37 psychologists findings in their book, the Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.

    But for Trump's base, it will be just another ho hum moment.

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    I've just started to read, "Filthy Rich", a 2016 novel that James Patterson wrote about Epstein.

    It doesn't take many pages to convince you that Epstein was an evil, evil man.

    I've long suspected that Epstein was rubbed out to protect other sexual predators.

    Why does Trump come to mind?

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    Trump always followed Putin's playbook and still does. Putin knows on how to get rid of certain people; Trump did the same. Thus nothing new. Except Putin is still in "power" but Trump is not, but very eager to start over in 2024 and then smiles if he visits Putin, if he's still there at that time. Where are the "brains" in this world? May be an DeSantis or Musk wants this job as well; enough idiots standing in line except Epstein, I'm going to cry! Wow. What a country!!!