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The mystery of Malaysian Flight 370 disappearance

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    Over five years ago Malaysian Flight 370 just disappeared. We had considerable discussion and speculation on the event at the time. You can read our old forum posts if you want to refresh your memory.

    What Happened to the Malaysia Airlines Flight That Vanished From Thin Air?

    Now the Atlantic has published a detailed account of the most likely scenario --- the plane's captain deliberately "murdered hundreds of innocent passengers as the collateral price of killing himself." It's a long "detective style" article, but if you want to just skip forward to Section 6, "The Captain" it will get you to the conclusion. The Malaysian authorities have engaged in a massive cover-up by putting out false information on the state of mind of the captain. He committed a well planned suicide taking the passengers with him. The evidence was always there.

    The Atlantic, July 2019 issue: What Really Happened to Malaysia’s Missing Airplane

    Oh and when the plane ultimately ran out of fuel, it just dropped out of the sky and crashed with tremendous force into the Indian Ocean braking up into many pieces. The passengers were long dead from oxygen deprivation.

    The plane is now lost to the ages.