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Labor Secretary Alex Acosta likely to be fired by Trump

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    Alex Acosta is likely to be fired by Trump, but not for reasons we might all think. Alex Acosta basically gave Jeffery Epstein be best deal money could buy for sex Trafficking, so he should be fired, but Trump doesn't care about any of that, and actually likes Alex Acosta for helping out Epstein. Alex Acosta is Trump's kind of [sleazy] attorney. Trump will fire him for other reasons and the #1 reason is so that Trump can have a temporary head of labor department that reports directly to Trump that does not require any vetting by congress. Trump can wait until he finds someone like Bill Barr, who willing to suck Trump's dong before and after getting the job. As Trump has said, if someone is willing to give me a BJ to get the job, they will doing anything I ask after they get the job.
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    He resigned today. That makes it 20 agencies that have "acting" heads (HUD, FEMA, Homeland Security, ICE, CBP, FAA, FDA, etc, etc). Cutting through the BS, that means Trump has 20 agencies that report directly to him without any congressional oversight control. Congress can't fire\impeach an "acting" head of an agency, only the president. An acting head is far far far more likely to follow orders even if the orders are illegal, than someone who had congress vetted and can force to testify. An acting head of agency reports directly to the president, thus the president can claim executive privileged over him\her during any legal court battle that might ensue. When there is a major crisis (as we seeing), Congress can't subpoena anyone of authority at these agencies that speak to the issues without checking with the WH first.