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Tom Steyer for President?

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    Tom Steyer, the guy with lots of money, who places the "impeachment" adds, is now officially running for President.

    He's planning to spent at least 100 million (the same as Trump) let's hope he can beat Trump.

    I only wonder how the DNC is going to react.

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    With the addition of Tom Steyer, the Democrats now have 25 people running for president - if you ignore the fact that Hickenlooper just dropped out.

    When I lived in Chicago, the annual competition was to guess the date that the Cubs would be mathematically eliminated from the World Series.

    After the next series of debates, my prediction is that the following people will fall into the "flame out" category:

    (1) Bill de Blasio (2) Steve Bullock (3) Tulsi Gabbard (4) Mike Gravel (5) Wayne Massam (6) Seth Moulton (7) Joe Sestak (8) Marianne Williamsom and (9) Andrew Yang.

    The "contenders" will include Biden , Bernie, Elizabeth,Warren, Mayor Pete, and Kamala Harris, but the "dark horse" candidates would include Amy Klobuchar and Cory Booker.

    The Cubs, by the way, are leading the National League Central division with a winning percentage of .522, but they are unlikely to win the 2019 World Series, since there are 8 teams that have better records at this point in time.