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Why are thing so much more expensive

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    Why is it that with Aspergers Syndrome...
    Nothing is ever free or cheap for me ?

    Entitled to disability at $913 per month..
    But can't safely live on it.

    Instead needs two jobs because of both the money, and the OTHER earners of it...

    $18 an hour as a Phlebotomist, who took an LPN certification program.

    ($2,880 per month income)

    And a job at Whole foods
    (Organic grocery store, requiring an impeccable work record)
    for an additional $15 an hour..

    (An additional $2400 per month for a total of $5,280 per month income).

    Need a place to live ?
    The safest, best place for me is a luxury apartment or a rental luxury townhouse in the upper middle class areas.

    $1,300 to $2,000 per month rent.

    This is opposed to the average rent of $600 in this metro statistical area..
    That normal people can spend on rent safely.

    Need clothes ?
    That will be about $3,000 at JC Penney.

    This is opposed to the $1500 to $2000 spent at places like Kmart or Wal-Mart that most normal people can spend.

    Want to go on a cruise vacation ?...
    No problem...
    France and Italy, beautiful.

    This is opposed to a $3,500 Caribbean cruise that most normal people can get by with..

    Want to go swimming ?

    No problem....
    Planet Fitness is pretty cheap.. $400 a month after the deals have expired.

    Other, normal people can go to a public pool for free.

    So why are things so more expensive for me ?

    This is the realities about how I'm basically forced to spend my money's for my own safety in society.

    Well the median age at French and Italian ports of call on cruises, is in the 40s and they are westernized', powerful, self supporting countries...

    Their economy is not tourism and they have no incentive to blame the tourists for things wrong inside their countries to hide the existence of the issues that they have.

    Totally different situation than the Caribbean.

    The fact is that I get rides to work as a Phlebotomist, by my neighbor who is also my coworker.
    Well that median age is also high....
    About 35 up to 50.
    Because it's a tolerance job with an unforgiving hiring criteria.

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    And why am I only 32 years old, and socially require such advanced socioeconomic and mature crowd ?