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Pritzker (D) Illinois Tax & Spend Liberal

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    Pritzker is a prime example of why republicans hate democrats and liberals. Yesterday he signed bills to increase the gas tax two fold, that is, gas tax was 17 cents per gallon, Monday June 24, 2019, tax on a gallon of gas will be 38 cents per gallon. That's not all either, he raised the cigarette tax by $1.00 per pack, raised tax on e cigarettes, raised taxes on parking fees in major cities (Chicago)

    He plans on raking in $46B to repair Illinois roads. That might be good, if only crooked Illinois and Chicago politicians really, really use the money for that purpose and do not deviate from their promises or good intentions like they have in the past.

    In other news, Pritzker probably thinks he also own Lake Geneva, Wisconsin too, Lake Geneva police only issued him a warning for speeding in his boat. What? There aren't any big lakes in Illinois you can go chop up with your speedboat?

    What can people expect from a guy who bought the office of governor in Illinois?