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    So, a waitress in a swanky Chicago bar / restaurant spits on Eric Trump, she is now suspended, and not so brite bart broke the initial story, it figures he'd let the far right wing non media outlet know about it first.

    Lori Lightfoot then calls Eric Trump to apologize for a bar employee because as we all know, Chicago is such a good pure city, and they all love the Trump family.

    And we all know the whole nation just loves the first family and it's offspring and minions, we don't want harm to come to any of them.

    I actually think that Eric Trump is pretty fucking lucky the bar waitress didn't stab him with a fork or a steak knife. He's one lucky son of a bitch, IMHO.

    Meanwhile, the waitress will probably never be able to find another job in the city of Chicago, unless of course there are some anti-trumpers who own and operate tavern businesses. I'd like to give her a medal.