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the Democratic debates

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    I agree that the 1940's mentality of the south the states like Dakota's, Idaho, Montana, etc., and African Americans don't want to vote for a gay man either. That's my only concern. His health plan ideas have a price of 1.5 Trillion. That's way better than the probably somewhere between 20 and 40 Trillion for Warren and her plan.

    It will be interesting to see how tonight goes at the debate.

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    Momentum seems to be on mayor Pete's side.

    A combination I would like to see as the final two would be either Buttigieg/Booker or Buttigieg/Klobuchar.

    B and B are both Rhodes scholars (which would be attractive to college graduates) , and Booker would help Pete attract more black voters.

    Klobuchar, unlike Trump, actually has a sense of humor, and also has a track record in "reaching across the aisle", so would likely attract voters who went from Obama supporters to Trump supporters (people like Midwestern farmers hurt by Trump's tariffs) and who now could be switched back again to the Democratic slate. It's been 35 years since Geraldine Ferraro was tapped to be the first female vice presidential candidate. Perhaps it's time to do it again.

    Kamala Harris would also be a logical choice, but I think she's had enough stumbles that she would hurt the ticket.

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    Being gay is no longer the hindrance it used to be.

    Currently, there are 3 current, and 2 former, gay/lesbian people who are/were a country's leaders. On top of that, there are NUMEROUS people who are labeled "sub-national" leaders, and 2 of them are in the United States.

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    The next debate will be on Thursday, December 19.

    At this point, seven candidates have qualified, but only 4 are polling more than 10%. Joe Biden is still on top, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie are tied for second, and mayor Pete is close behind - but rising in the polls.

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    Interesting piece by Robert Reich about who should be president in 2020. Warren Sanders. He jokes about their similarity but makes several good points. He suggests that if the Dems got it together, they could not only take the presidency but also flip the Senate. That would be huge. The ability to actually help the most Americans.

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    This never will happen; we need "common sense" people not fantasy island people. I'm afraid we are in for another 4 years of Trump, unless we have have another impeachment in 2022 ( if this country then still exists in its present form; likely more like an Putin country by then)
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    I watched the Democratic debate last night. Except for fewer candidates on the stage, it seemed like a rehash of previous debates. Again it was the defender of Medicare for All (Sanders) doing his thing against the defenders of ObamaCare. Same arguments except that Elizabeth Warren is no longer touting the Medicare for All line of Bernie.

    Not much of substance on foreign troops in the Middle East. Now it seems that special ops forces are okay but not large numbers of combat troops. Sanders continues to castigate Biden for voting for the Iraq War. Biden muddled through as gaffs I suppose is remarkable.

    Elizabeth Warren seemed feisty and was able to win points with her "women can be president" line. Amy Klobuchar was very noticeable with her Iowa farmers narrative. She did well.

    Tom Steyer seemed like a back bencher. Buttigieg was articulate as usual, but otherwise didn't make a big mark with zingers and such that the media seem to love.

    For me it was a rather ho hum debate having followed all the others. But for others watching perhaps for the first time it might have made impressions. Meanwhile Trump was holding yet another rally in Milwaukee at the same exact time if the debate. He wants to be in the spotlight. Yes Nancy Pelosi will put him there again as she sends the House impeachment proceedings to the Senate for trial. There was no mention of that in the debate nor the latest bomb shell Rudy revelations.

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    Yes Schmidt you described it well. Like I've said before these debates are useless. Nothing shows that they are interested in the world around them or know anything about it. None of them show leadership. Sorry but this bunch will never defeat Trump. They miss what it takes. I watched Bloomberg and his reasoning for not participating in these "debates"; he's right "kindergarten" arguments don't cut it. Let's hope in the end that he gets the votes; since he's the only one with experience in an world like NY which has an mixture of everything including the Trump types.