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the Democratic debates

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    I think it's great news that there will only be one night of debate. It'll be even better when the field gets down to 5-6 candidates that actually have a (somewhat) realistic chance of winning the nomination.

    It's damn near impossible to have a quality debate on substantive issues when there's ten people sharing a stage. What I'm looking forward to is seeing how Biden will handle himself when he's forced to spend more time debating Warren, Sanders, and Harris head on.

    Biden can play defense and wait out the clock when there's 9 other people on the stage trying desperately to get their 15 seconds of fame, but he's eventually going to have to take the left flank of the party head on and be able to withstand their attacks if he's going to stand any chance against Donald.

    For now, I'm leaning towards supporting Biden in the primary because I think he's our best bet to win in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Honestly, we should just have a primary in those three states because they are the only ones that matter in 2020.

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    According to the latest Quinnipiac poll, Trump is trailing all 5 of the leading Democratic candidates (Biden, Sanders, Warren, Harris, and mayor Pete.)

    More ominously (for Trump) is that even a recent FOX poll shows him trailing the Democrats:

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    We'll wait and see. I'll write book titled "How to get an "mental patient" removed from the White House" ( As well the Nazi Miller) My bet is; not with the sleepy Democrats! Including Biden. ( Unless they get an real backbone)
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    I am cautiously optimistic, but know that what happened in 2016 could happen again. The combination of factors that produced a "perfect storm" for Trump are still looming on the horizon. And note this: if Trump wins Dutch's state of Florida (likely now), then he only needs to win one of the rust belt states of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin to win a second term, assuming he holds all other states he won in 2016. Those other factors...a 3rd party candidate like Jill Stein, Russian bots spreading misinformation, and the Bernie die hard supporters learning to "hate" a Democratic establishment candidate so much during the campaign that they cannot vote for him/her or worse yet vote for Trump like they did in 2016. Oh and voter suppression.

    That doesn't even get into election fraud...ancient voting machines that are easily hacked. "The Associated Press reports that the “vast majority” of the nation’s 10,000 election jurisdictions use Windows 7 or older operating systems to create ballots, program voting machines, tally votes, and report counts. Microsoft plans to stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan. 14, ten months before the 2020 election."

    For some an 11 year old child could hack the machine and change results:

    11-year-old shows it’s child’s play to mess with elections

    "11-year-old Emmett Brewer is too young to vote, but it turned out that he’s not too young to learn how to change election results on a replica of Florida’s state website… in under 10 minutes, mind you, as the Voting Village announced on Friday."

    Note my bolding of "Florida"...Dutch.

    So as long as Moscow Mitch is blocking legislation and funds for enhanced voting security, we can expect really anomalous results in some districts, which may not be revealed or even challenged until too late. Trump will already be sworn in.

    That's the nightmare scenario...I remain cautiously optimistic. A winner will emerge out of the Democratic debates, but the general election could produce defeat again unless Dems get their act together. Go Joe!

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    The reason that it is critical that the Democrats win in 2020 is that we need to wrest control away from the truly crazy people in this country. Their latest warning is that there will be bloodshed if Democrats win in 2020

    The "usual suspects" are leading the charge. Meghan McCain. Tucker Carlson. The Three Percenters. Glenn Beck. Fox's Todd Starnes . Fox News Pat Caddell. Townhall’s Kurt Schlichter.

    And finally ..

    Right-wing radio show host Erick Erickson warned that friends of his who keep AR-15's buried in the ground will likely resort to violence against the government.

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    Eric Boehlert's article in the Daily Kos is a good one. It defines exactly the fear mongering and threats that the gun cult is making if Democrats enact any kind of gun safety legislation. Add to that Michael Cohen's prediction during his testimony to the House Judiciary Committee: "Indeed, given my experience working for Mr. Trump, I fear that if he loses the election in 2020 that there will never be a peaceful transition of power."

    It could be a self fulfilling prophecy...keep saying it again and again, and then sit back and watch the inspired violence when Trump loses and claiming, "I told you so!"

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    Tom Steyer somehow managed to qualify for the 4th Democratic debate in October. I can't imagine that he will get far beyond that , but I'd like to hear his views - at least once.

    Wisely, he would not focus on efforts to impeach President Donald Trump. His campaign is focusing on getting corporate money out of U.S. politics. He has worked for years on climate change and voter engagement and donated about $170 million since 2015 to his independent political action committees, Need to Impeach and NextGen America.

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    According to the latest Monmouth poll, Biden is now tied with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie.

    The next debate is Thursday on ABC, broadcast from Houston. The October debate will be on the 15th and 16th in Ohio.

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    The person most capable of defeating Donald Trump is Donald Trump. If Democrats are smart, they will let him do the job.

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    The Trump reelection campaign has a message for the city hosting the third Democratic debate Thursday: “socialism will kill Houston’s economy.”

    A campaign official told ABC News about the message against socialism, which will fly on a banner across the city from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.— the debate will begin one hour later.

    The campaign will spend approximately $7,500 for the ad and its flight, reports ABC News.

    Brad Parscale@parscale

    Socialism SUCKS and @TeamTrump is flying high above the Dem debate in Houston to remind the circus in town that their policies will hurt Houston, Texas and America!

    Text "USA" TO 88022 …

    Since most intelligent people have concluded that the 2017 tax cut was a bust, and tariffs are REALLY BAD for our country, the only two things that the Trump campaign can talk about are (1) socialism sucks and (2) the economy is great. Since the economy really is NOT all that great for most people, that leaves "socialism" sucks. If they're smart, the Democrats need to remind Americans of the SEVENTY FIVE REASONS why socialism is a good thing. They also need to remind them that Joni Ernst wants to negotiate taking away their Social Security BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.

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    This is the first of the debates with me watching. I mostly saw highlights of the others. I am hopeful for bold exchanges with no personal attacks. I hope to end the weekend with my 2 favorites and a few who could be an excellent second in command.
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    Sorry, but a viewed a bit of it; was not worth looking at. I stick to my feelings that none of the candidates have what it takes.

    I guess they have no clue at all what the job is all about. Let alone "healthcare"; they refuse to look at other countries where it "works" for an tenth of the cost compared to here.

    I wrote about this before:

    1) Have an government healthcare program for people who earn below $250K; everyone above it should get "private" insurance.

    2) get the lobbyists out.

    3)get the "pillmakers" adds to stop

    4) Negotiate with doctors/hospitals/drug companies "fixed" prices. ( generic drugs etc. as well import drugs)

    5) Allow "providers" like "United/ Humera/AARP to provide "plans"

    6) Define "pre-conditions" properly.

    For the rest "copy" other countries where it works, without "lobbyists"

    If the candidates keep the blinders on it will become again an disaster for this country

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    that guy in AZ Wrote:

    The person most capable of defeating Donald Trump is Donald Trump. If Democrats are smart, they will let him do the job.

    Exactly...... but Michelle Obama said that in 15/16 but was ignored. People simply can’t understand the evil dictatorial charisma that locks Trump supporters to him. Start attacking Trump and the “deplorables” will be energized to join the fight. Generally accepted that 3 or 4 states can determine the election. I hope the DNC doesn’t waste time or money on the given states like California but concentrate on Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania....... Should be easy Democratic wins unless they go in blazing at Trump.
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    My wife and I watched the entire debate, and found that we liked ALL of the candidates. In my opinion, the best statement was Kamala Harris's opening remarks, where she addressed Trump directly.

    My favorites are still Elizabeth Warren and mayor Pete, but I also thought that Biden did a better job this time. Since I also liked Harris and Booker, it's going to be hard for me to pick just one candidate.

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    that guy in AZ Wrote:

    Howard Dean was on Trevor Noah's show the other day - and I suddenly feel a lot better about the Democrat's chances in 2020. Dean really isn't worried about Trump getting re-elected, since (in his opinion) Trump will defeat himself.

    Dean has the credentials to back up his predictions, due to the fact that he was the Chair of the Democratic National Committee from 2005 to 2009. In the early stages of the 2004 presidential race, he was the top fundraiser or leading candidate up until the Iowa caucus.

    Dean formed the organization Democracy for America and later was elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee in February 2005. As chairman of the party, Dean created and employed the 50 State Strategy that attempted to make Democrats competitive in normally conservative states often dismissed in the past as "solid red". The success of the strategy became apparent after the 2006 midterm elections, where Democrats took back the House and picked up seats in the Senate from normally Republican states such as Missouri and Montana. In the 2008 presidential election, Barack Obama used the 50 state strategy as the backbone of his candidacy.

    All of us became over confident in the 2016 election, sine we all knew that an idiot like Trump couldn't possible get elected - and then he did.

    This time around, though, I don't think we'll make that mistake again.

    If the candidates focus on core issues, and less on Trump, we will definitely elect a Democrat for president in 2020.

    “All of us became over confident in the 2016 election, sine we all knew that an idiot like Trump couldn't possible get elected - and then he did.”

    Not true! I sounded the alarm as soon as Trump announced “Lots of good paying jobs”, I said he is a very formidable candidate because of lying at any he learned from Cohn and his charisma. I said then that he will be accepted no matter what he says or does. Was anything learned????