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the Democratic debates

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    Chet Ruminski Wrote: Schmidt, If Bernie is president the cold reality is nothing he proposes will pass without compromise. What will result is a system far better than existing now after compromises wrangle it toward centrists. So nothing to worry about. Things will only change a little and that little will be concessions to the humanitarian side of people’s consciences. Why argue the extreme that will never happen?

    As a realist, I will agree with you that compromises will ultimately bring the leftists to the center if nominated for the presidency. Running on an extreme left platform in the general election will lose moderates and independents. If, say Warren is selected in the primary, her campaign against Trump will have to move towards the center in the three months before the election. She will have to drop or compromise some of the proposals that got her the nomination.

    If I am out knocking on doors for her, I'll have to be honest and say some of her ideas are just a wish list to inspire the left leaning Bernie supporters to get off their asses and vote, but are extremely unlikely to become law. I'll do that.

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    Just to be clear, I like Warren on style. She is feisty, something that Democrats need. She just needs to have a reality check on some of her proposals, and be ready to compromise. In many ways she would be better than "sleepy Joe."
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    As many journalists are pointing out, the first night of the debate is notable for what was not said or covered. Instead it seemed to take an extraordinary amount of debate time to argue the merits of BernieCare versus expanding the ACAS. With Dems getting lost in the trenches, what was not brought out was the 2017 almost successful Republican take down of the entire ObamaCare healthcare plan. It fell one vote short in the Senate...John McCain's vote. That's why Trump hates him in his grave.

    We came that close to kicking 24 million Americans off their healthcare plans...those with pre-existing conditions and children under 26 on their parents plans. No mention of that in the debate at all...or the fact that Trump promised a "beautiful plan that insures everybody and at lower cost". That was bullshit, but is Bernie's plan any more doable with the current make-up in Congress? NO it is not.

    I hope there is a course correction tonight. Go Joe!

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    Well Joe was attacked from all sides and seemed to hold his ground, but did not gain anything either. Kirsten Gillibrand, the senator most noted for railroading Al Franken out of the Senate, unearthed something from a long ago oped about working women and just wouldn't let go as Biden defended his (and Obama's) on women equality in the workplace. She looked petty to me and many in the audience.

    Booker attacked him on his tough on crime stance of the 1990s. Inslee attacked his (and Obama's) record on Climate Change, and Castro attacked him (and Obama's) record on deportations on the southern border. Harris attacked his support of the Affordable Care Act (another Obama achievement) as somehow not doing enough while pushing her own hastily contrived version of Medicare for All that has already been crucified by many experts. De Blasio attacked him just for the sake of attacking him with not much substance to what he was saying.

    As many MSNBC pundits noted afterward in attacking Biden on his record, they were implicitly attacking Obama's record while ignoring Trump's abysmal record on the same issues. Not a good night for Democrats as a whole.

    No one really stood out except perhaps that "Asian guy" Andrew Yang who pitched his guaranteed income of $1,000 per month again and again. He articulated his position quite well.

    But as I am having a conversation with myself I'll quit now while I'm ahead. Ha.

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    Schmidt, Sorry but the Dem's don't have their act together; as I've said none of these candidates have it what it takes.

    The total lack of understanding "healthcare" shows already that they are not suited for the job. They refuse to even look at out "neighbor" (Canada) who run it without the "corrupt" shit here.

    Therefore as I've said quite a few times, because of this Trump may win again. I hope Steyer will use his "money" and his "adds" to come out on top. His add's are at least better than all the B.S. of last night.

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    The format and the number of candidates was partially at fault for not covering some of the more substantive issues. While I have no problem with giving healthcare the number one debate billing, the debate degenerated into the finer points of which Medicare for All is better or worse than the Affordable care Act, probably leaving much of the viewing audience more confused as ever. Missing from that part of the debate is what Trump and Republicans have done or plan to do with health care...gut it. Go back to what it was before Obama. That's the point that should have been driven home but wasn't.

    There are so many other issues that contrast Trump from the candidates but weren't brought up by the moderators and hence didn't get the needed coverage. It's just too many people on stage using the podium for their own personal agendas. They had their exposure and now it's time for them to step aside and let only serious candidates debate.

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    Sadly I don't have CNN so I was unable to watch. Hopefully some rise but most realize they are closer to zero % than they are to 10%.

    Bernie was talking about how taxing Wall street was the answers to all middle class problems. Not quite going to pay for it is my concern. Every hates Wall street so it's a likable phrase but most likely not a real answer.

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    Joe on the right. Bernie on the left. Most all of the candidates have something from Bernie in their campaign. As the candidates are culled they more than likely will support Bernie. After the debates. Bernie 55% , Joe 40% and 5 toss ups .
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    Well I'll make a prediction as well. No matter how far behind in delegates, Bernie will be there right to the end scrapping for every possible vote right up to the day of the convention and then will use that leverage to help write the final chapter of the Democratic Party platform.

    The Our Revolution website shows that 82 candidates out of the 210 they supported were successful in the 2018 mid-term elections. That works out to 39 percent...hardly a mandate. But for Bernie, it is yuge!

    The question is: Will they support another Democratic candidate other than Bernie? For some, they despise the moderate Democrats more than Trump himself. At least Trump is promising them big things.

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    An interesting summary by

    The second debate in 5 charts.

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    TJ -- Interesting charts. Having watched both nights of the debate, the numbers surprised me as to which candidates spoke the most. I suppose those John Delany with fewer words but quite vocal made more of an impact for his time. Andrew Yang with less than half the words spoken compared to Biden, nevertheless seemed to make his words count for more...the cliché, more bang for the buck.

    It looks like Sanders has by far the most Twitter followers, but much of that is a carryover from the 2016 election. He has a core group of followers, but I don't see him growing as much as the others. His base is formidable but is maxing out.

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    Looking at the total picture; then forget it. Sorry none have an clue what it takes to run a country. Let alone healthcare without lobbyists and stupid pill adds. In the meantime the stockmarket tanks because of Trump, but no one cares. In the meantime he attacks the cities, while slumlord Kussner milks the people in Baltimore. I think there should be enough subjects to discuss at such debates, but they rather attack Obama.

    Wake up America and Dem's this does not work to defeat Trump. Amen

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    The New York Times had an interesting article about the fund raising by the various candidates. Biden is still in the lead, but number #2 is Mayor Pete. My guess is that the final two candidates will include some combination of Biden, Pete, Elizabeth Warren , and (possibly ) Kamala Harris. I'm of the opinion that Bernie is simply going to run out of steam.

    Hickenlooper just dropped out, which is actually fine. I'd actually prefer him in a Senate seat - which he is now considering.

    My friend Pete is a Lutheran minister in the panhandle of Texas, which is THE most Republican district in the entire country (R+33 in the Cook Partisan Voting Index) * . He is surrounded by Baptist churches, and he STILL has parishioners who think Obama was born in Kenya.

    This morning, he sent me his "take" on who is going to win:

    My monopoly money is with Warren.

    I have no confidence in Joe Biden. Answering Trump's gaffs with Biden gaffs won't do

    Warren is a debate champion. She is smart and she reads....a lot.

    I cannot wait to see her tear Trump apart piece by piece.. I can hear Warren saying: "Mr president, tell us your sources."

    And I cannot wait to hear him, in response, babbling incoherently.

    And I dare him to walk behind Warren, on stage, as she is speaking. She will kick him where it hurts


    * In contrast, the 15th District in New York (the Bronx) is the most Democratic district in the country, with a rating of D+44. Clinton beat Trump here with a final vote of 94 to 5.

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    Here is the schedule for the remaining debates:




    1. Jun 26-27, 2019 / 9–11 pm ET

    NBC News / Miami, Florida

    2. Jul 30-31, 2019 / 8–10 pm ET

    CNN / Detroit, Michigan

    3. Sep 12-13, 2019 / TBA

    ABC News / Houston, Texas

    4. October, 2019 / TBA


    5. November, 2019 / TBA


    6. December, 2019 / TBA



    One question that I would LOVE to have somebody ask is this one:

    "How do you plan to counter the terrorist threat caused by white supremacists?"

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    As of today, the field for the next debate has been whittled down to 10.

    Biden, Booker, Harris, mayor Pete, Julian Castro, Warren, Bernie, Amy, Beto, and Yang

    some of the "flame outs" had some good ideas, but I also questioned people like Williamson and Tulsi Gabbard were even running

    the top 4 seem to be holding, but Warren seems to be surging, and Biden seems so be slipping

    Stay tuned on September 12