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Is socialism a dirty word

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    Americans have been programmed for generations by that Orwellian World of Stupid (the corporate mass news media) that Socialism is an evil economic system.

    American's have a problem understanding that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and school lunches for the poor children are all socialist programs and I doubt that the American people want to destroy these programs all though the Republicans are doing their level best to do just that.

    Republicans really don't like human beings less fortunate then themselves and their activities prove it!

    Americans have a choice to make between Capitalism and Socialism.

    Capitalism has destroyed our Republic with its greed and corruption and turned it into a war criminal, warmongering, fascist, lawless Oligarchy where homelessness in America has become a national scandal and Capitalism has also been destroying the planet for 3 centuries.

    Socialism believes in protecting the planet, hates wars and is an economic system that believes all the people should be treated justly, fairly and given every opportunity so their families can prosper.

    Americans have another election coming up and they do decide what kind of America they want, of course, if most Americans refuse to vote then they really don't give a damn what kind of America they live in!

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    Connie, you should know by now , how things work here. Money talks. It does not matter how you get it or got it. Trump just got it from his KKK daddy. Thus what can go wrong if you invite an rich capitalistic "mob boss" into the W.H. Who never even bought an loaf of bread himself or made his own bed. Yes Capitalism is just an cover up word; makes it look like everyone has "money" to burn. The reality is it creates "greed" ; a "billion" or more is still not enough for some of them.

    However "socialism" is also under attack in Europe thanks to "greed" (I want an bigger Mercedes than the neighbor), furthermore because of the influx or "refugee's" the "culture suffers and the "social funds" get depleted in an hurry; so that won't last either. Actually it is all the US's fault by having created all these wars in the middle east. It will even get worse if Trump tackles Iran; it will again create millions of refugee's with what Europe has to cope with. The US will not even accept refugee's from the "south", let alone from Europe. It is an crazy world out there, especially with an "baby" in the W.H.

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    It looks like Boris will be appointed in Britain to P.M., thus that will likely be Brexit on steroids. So forget real socialism; it will be likely more "Trumpism". Yes there is only one total idiot who is upsetting the whole world apple cart. Guess who?

    Sorry people this can't end well.

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    Capitalism with rules is social capitalism because it is an ongoing institution . Capitalism without rules is fascism . Current winner take all IPOism is a vulgarity of capitalism.