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Trump's re-election campaign

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    Trump is kicking off his re-election campaign tonight in Orlando, but it likely to be as well received as a fart in church.

    The city's major newspaper, the Orlando Sentinel, said that they are endorsing whoever challenges Trump regardless of who it is. The editors said that "there's no point in pretending we would ever recommend that readers vote for Trump."

    Trump is still delusional, since he is under the impression that the crowd will be "record size". "Only fake polls show us behind Motley Crew".

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    I really feel like I am living an episode of the twilight zone, you know, that guy who wakes up and suddenly things that once were unreal, now are real, and he can't believe that the insane, suddenly is acceptable behavior.

    I am watching Trump speech live, and Trump is currently spewing some of the worst shit "I've added over 16 thousand jobs per month since the day I took office." Fact checker are going to have a field day on this speech.

    They way he frames issues:

    1) An issue is 100 times better because he has, single-handedly, solved all of American's top 50 problems of the past 100 years.


    2) An issue is getting a 100 times worse because of the Democrats; America will fall into the ocean if Trump doesn't get re-elected...

    What seems clear to me is that Trump loves running for president, but hates doing the job that is required as being president.

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    His rally was an exercise in masturbation, while his fans watched Trump give himself a blowjob.
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    I admire your courage for watching Trump's rally. I would be unable to watch him for more than 2 minutes without throwing a shoe at the television.

    I noticed that Paula White, one of Trump's spiritual advisers, asked for protection from "demonic networks" at the rally. I have no idea how to respond to the idiocy.

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    I didn't watch any of his rally, mass media has been airing video clips of it, which is quite more than I wanted to see, but he keeps bringing up Mrs. Clinton, with no mention of Biden or Sanders. The Orlando rag didn't seem to like his presence, which I'm okay with. If I were him, I'd want 4 more years as prez, because if I knew what the state of NY and maybe others had in store for me when I left office, I'd be worried.
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    Trump’s re-election campaign began the day after he took office. If the Democrats are not careful the idiot electorate will re-elect this piece of excrement.
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    Here is something which fits; the same as in the past; L'histoire ce repette

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    I think we easily can imagine Putin telling Trump this in a private, undocumented, meeting between Trump and Putin.

    Putin: You don't need my help in 2020. You are president of the US now, you can use your presidential powers to do anything and everything you need to do to get re-elected. You can start a war, you can create a crisis, you can shut down the government, you can make promises you don't plan to keep, you can even arrange for people to disappear at just the right moment. So what if your Supreme court rules against you, do what you want anyway; their own fucking rules say you can't ever be arrested while you're president, so stay president forever. They won't break their own rules\laws, but you can. Your options are endless. If I were elected president of the US, I would be president indefinitely. You have a lot of power, use all of it to stay in power.

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    Deutsche Bank is laying off 18000 people; guess who is celebrating that? If this bank goes "belly up" guess who is of the hook for all his "white washed money laundered loans"? As well in this situation, can the Dem's do anything to dig up all this dirt? Trump even "sued" not to release any data to the Dem's oversight group; I wonder if we ever will see this data. It may be even destroyed during the "restructuring" of Deutsche Bank. ( I guess Trump will call them to do so)

    Trump came also with another "beauty" ; he wants to get out of Syria (about 2000 troops left) and wants Europe to fill that gap. The Europeans are already saying "up yours" why should they "help" with an unfinished war, which was never started by them in the first place.