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Oil tanker attack

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    Trump has scored another happening; 2 oil tankers attacked in the Gulf of Hormuz. If Trump would have followed Obama's policies, nothing would have happened. But yeah the "asshole" wants "war" because he thinks he can (for himself) profit from it. Just like the arms sale to the Saudi's (without consent of the Congress) and no one does stop this idiot and his family. That is what you get if you don't make strict laws for our "self made dictator" Shame on this country!.
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    Of course Pompeo (the religious idiot) immediately accused Iran doing this without any knowledge and facts.

    Guess who is at fault? Trump started all of this by undoing the "nuke" deal done BY OBAMA; now we have the consequences and turmoil; while things were "calm" under Obama and Kerry, who made an "good" deal, as well no longer used any sanctions, so Iran could sell/buy any goods as any normal country.

    But yeah the "religious" idiots here love Israel who continuously grab land and bomb Palestinians who are afraid of Iran and asked the help of the US to eradicate Iran. Pompeo and Bolton love these types of " religious"wars and do everything to get it started.

    If there is going to be an "war" then nobody but the US and Israel are to blame.

    Wake up America, do you want to sent your sons and daughters into another instigated war by an couple of " religious idiots" ?

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    No need to jump to conclusions just yet. There are a million different scenarios in play here, so why don't we wait to see what the international consensus is before pointing the finger at anyone? I emphasized international because I think it's imperative that the international community speak with one voice on this escalating crisis.

    It could have been Iran. It could have been military factions within Iran that went rogue. It could have been John Bolton conspiring with Saudi Arabia to frame Iran. It could have been a million other things.

    I'm not a conspiracy theorist at all, but I can't help but question why Iran would attack a Japanese ship when the Prime Minister of Japan was visiting Iran. It makes no sense.

    My biggest fear is that Donald will use this as a pretense for yet another war in the Middle East. Americans really, really love war and we never seem to learn from any of our previous mistakes. The travesty of Iraq would be child's play compared to war with Iran. I really hope some adults in the room will be able to convince Donald of that before jumping headfirst into what will surely be a devastating war.

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    Jared. welcome back! Sure I fully agree with you. For all I know (as the Dutch news said) that the Saudi's could behind this to be able to jack up the price of oil. Also Yemen terrorist may be involved via Al Quada help. Thus you and I know "games" are being played. Like you said Bolton may have some influence.

    The only thing I hope that the US public uses their brains and "think" for a change and don't fall for Pompeo's conclusion.

    It will be a while before the truth will come out.

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    The latest; according to Pentagon news, an Iranian boat REMOVED some mines from these tankers. Now the asshole Trump clan claims now that Iran "PLACED" them, instead of helping to "REMOVE" them, which is an very dangerous task indeed.

    1) these "mines" were ABOVE the water line

    2) The punctures were more like from an "rocket" than from "mines"

    3) Prime Minister Abe from Japan did visit Iran at that time; these tankers were headed to Japan/ S.E. Asia; so kind of stupid to do that, if Iran did it.

    4) no torpedo's were used; if these mines were from the Iran forces, then they are not so stupid to mount mines which don't work.

    5) The Iranians rescued some crews of those ships; if they were the culprits, why rescue the crews?

    It does not get nuttier than that; Pompeo is absolute the biggest dumb pompous asshole there is.

    Facts don't lie, but the Trump clan does lie all the time.

    The way it looks now, it is even possible the US had these placed via via (Israel?) or that indeed some other terrorist group did it, just to get an "war" started; Pompeo and Bolton would love it. I would not be surprised. Just like under Bush, Iraq had weapons of "mass" destruction; also an big lie. La la Land for sure.

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    In May, John Bolton said that an attack on two Saudi Arabian oil tankers is an attack on all Americans. Since the headline appeared in The Onion, you know that is is absolute nonsense. Sadly, though, it isn't much of a stretch to believe that it IS something that Bolton could have said.

    In the book, "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump by Bandy Lee) ", 27 mental health experts concluded that Trump is mentally ill. In my opinion, John Bolton isn't playing with a full deck either.

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    Trump and his cronies are so quick to blame Iran, how do they know that? Maybe it was ISIS operating out of Yemen?

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    I missed out on another thing; guess who's "fire extinguisher" boats who put out the "fire"; where did they come from and who were the owners? How about Iran?

    All of this shows our government is purely run via "chaos" instigated by incompetent idiots, who were never properly "vetted" for the jobs they have.

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    The owner as well captain of one of the tankers said : he is absolutely sure both tankers were hit by an "flying" object; thus not hit by "mines". This is totally contrary what Pompeo has said. again this government is only trying to "hype' up things, without any "facts". Pompeo is an piece of filth who loves to help Israel, but refuses to accept the consequences of his stupidity.
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    An American Navy guy showed one of the "mines" on a picture. It is obvious that he was used to "fix" the Pompeo story.

    No mines were used in the attack; the damage shows clearly as any expert will tell you, that it was caused by an high speed "flying" object and not mines. Yes, our government can't be trusted in these types of situations. Just like "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq. Pompeo and Bolton want an "religious" war; nothing else, as promoted by Israel.

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    The latest: Iran shot down an US drone. Wow, Of course Trump/Pompeo/Bolton are very upset and scream like hell and have another excuse to start an war.

    I guess they forget that none of that area is the property of the US, neither the Strait of Hormuz. Flying the spy drone there is against all international rules. The seas around the world don't belong to the US, but the US acts if the whole world and seas are owned by the US. What happens if the Chinese launch an drone along the California coast? Or the Russians come too close to Alaska with an drone? Then of course we do the same.

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    Again the total stupidity of Trump and his cronies; they just about started an new war; Trump ordered an "attack" at 7 P.M. last night; but called it off immediately after that. That is what you get if you elect the unqualified "mob" into the W.H.

    The Iranians showed pieces of the drone; this thing was clearly within Iranian territory (18 mile zone). The total stupidity of spying on Iran in this critical area, is asking for it to be shot down. Guess who is provoking an war, since Trump "walked" out of the "nuke" agreement (signed by Obama:-P) I hope that the dumb ass people here realize who's at fault here.

    Who started the war in Iraq? Answer: the Republicans. Who want to start another war while the 18 year old wars all over the place still continue? Answer: the Republicans. Yeah, lets find another excuse, like "weapons of mass destruction" which were never there, nor did Iraq destroy the "twin towers", but some Saudi's did. Trump sells them now " weapons" as a "thanks" for it and does not care about the killing of Khasoggi, but also does not care about the people of Yemen who are now slaughtered with US made weapons. But Kussner (the Jew) loves them,while Mecca is located there. What can go wrong?Astonished

    And still people say there is nothing wrong with this country? Bring the barf bucket please.

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    Just found out that the "drone was well above Iranian soil; witnesses were in an aircraft with 35 passengers who saw the drone above Iranian soil just before the Iranians shot it down; also the pieces were recovered on land.

    Why launch an drone if you only want to see sea? No, it was "spying" to find out where Iranian defense artillery was placed.

    I guess Trump and his cronies " lie" all the time and no wonder they lied again to cover their asses.

    Nothing can be believed from this present government. (2000 plus lies until now)

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    No comments? Thus you believe your "lying" leaders with their twisted story, rather than accept facts? Just like with Iraq which was an huge lie to start that war. You should know Trump, Pompeo, Bolton by now. The media accepts blindly that the drone was just flying for fun above the sea and nowhere near Iran; who are you kidding? Ever heard of a "SPY" drone?

    How many were shot down in Afghanistan and near Pakistan?

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    Russia has now officially confirmed that the US drone was operating above Iranian territory. It is possible that Putin did call Trump to confirm this. And may be the reason that Trump called off the "strike' against Iran. Just to save "face" he then introduced new sanctions. Since he may meet with Putin during the G20 he will again be warned to stay away from Iran.

    That is what you get if you employ incompetent people here in the government.