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the sun rises in the East

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    Trump is picking a fight with China which is counter productive and just plain stupid, after all, China owns a large per cent of U.S. Debt, 90% of America's rare earth minerals come from China, most product in America will increase in cost and China's influence around the whole world is on the increase while America's influence is diminishing at an alarming rate because of its vindictive sanctions against many countries and that War Criminal Oligarchy in Wash DC has brought nothing but shame and disgrace to America for generations because it has become the world's death dealer all over the world thanks to its global capitalism that has destroyed our Republic and the entire earth and it is time America rid itself of that destructive economic system.
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    Connie, it won't last forever. It will follow the path of history. China has at least 3000 years behind it; this country only 300 years. So guess who wins in the end?