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support your local war criminal

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    It came as no surprise to me when my Representative in the U.S. Congress, Duncan Hunter Jr. from the 50th CD in California stated at a Ramona Town Hall Meeting that he and many others in the U.S. Military in Iraq had committed war crimes all over the country causing the deaths and maiming of 10's of thousands of civilians.

    The Iraq war was started by those lying war criminals W. Bush, Cheney, Powell, Rumsfeld, Rice so their interest in how many war crimes were being committed in Iraq was of no importance to them and often encouraged at GITMO and other black sites around the world.

    Junior is gunho to defend another war criminal Eddie Gallacher and Eddie's Barbie doll blond wifey is running around declaring what a sweetie pie Eddie really is and naturally the Judge was very impressed and let him out on bail, of course, Trump's interference in this criminal case had no influence on the Judge at all.

    Trump has already pardoned that Black Water mercenary thug who slaughtered 17 civilians in Iraq and Trump has said that he intends to pardon every war criminal who has been jailed for their crimes.

    Trump as America's chief war criminal will no doubt pardon himself.

    Any nation that reaches such a low level of criminality, depravity and cruelity has no hope that truth and justice can be achieved and only total revolution that will destroy that war criminal Oligarchy in Wash DC can bring about a New Republic whose foundation will be based on truth and justice and the rule of law.

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    Connie, yes, however all of this may continue for a while since this country is uneducated about history. Systems like this to accept these things never last; ask Stalin and Hitler. I wrote many times that the "system" here is asking for it. Also the stupidity to elect an "mob boss" has its consequences.

    As long as people here refuse to make solid laws and provide the proper education to its people, then forget it and this country will end up as any other "banana republic".