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do the Saudis have too much money?

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    In 2017, a 500 year old painting by Leonardo da Vinci was sold for $450 million. After the purchase, it vanished - until very recently. It just turned up on the private yacht of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, which he purchased a few years ago for $500 million.

    In 2015, the prince spend $300 million to buy a luxurious palace in France. At the time, it was the most expensive home in the world. Ironically, the 34 year old prince is leading a crackdown on corruption by the Saudi elite and preaching fiscal austerity at home.

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    The Trumps love to do business with them; he likes to spent it also as they do and loves to use our tax money for it.

    But yeah, who is going to stop Trump and Kussner? Right now Kussner is completely involved in the "arms" sales, while the Congress did not approve such. How is it possible that this "Royal" family can do whatever they like?

    Way before Trump was elected there were warning signs by several experts who warned about "emoluments" they are completely trampled on right now by the Trumps and his cronies. Likely Trump won't buy an Da Vinci, but only portraits of himself. That is our luck!!

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    Do you remember the time that Trump spent $10,000 on a painting of himself because nobody else bid on it? As it turns out, Trump didn't pay that either, because he used the money from his charity to pay for it.

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    I would not even pay 1 cent for it. However as I've said WHO IS GOING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT THE " EMOLUMENTS" CLAUSE? for the WHOLE family?

    But getting back to the subject: Why is everyone so calm about the family Trump dealing and wheeling with the Saudi's?

    So what is the Congress doing? Shoving papers? They voted against any dealings with the Saudi's. But no "impeachment" for the Trumps even selling "nuke" parts without approval. Is this country really that stupid?