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Siege - Trump under fire

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    I briefly mentioned Michael Wolff's new book under the thread labeled "John McCain", but I thought I would start an entirely new thread for the book itself.

    It magically appeared at my local library this morning, so I grabbed it as fast as I could, and will start ripping into it sometime today.

    The last paragraph on the inside jacket gives a hint of what to expect:

    "Both a riveting narrative and brilliant front-lines report, Seige provides an alarming and indelible portrait of a president like no other. Surrounded by enemies and blind to his peril, Trump is a raging, self-destructive infermo - and the most divisive leader in American history."

    A quote from the book cover provides an accurate portrayal of his insanity:

    "I'm good at the game. Maybe I'm the best. Really, I could be the best. I think that I am the best. I'm very good. Very cool. Most people are afraid that the worst might happen. But it doesn't, unless you're stupid. And I'm not stupid"

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    Arizona, the writers have an "hay day" But yeah, can writers remove Presidents?, if the "population in this country barely can read and still will vote for this total idiot, because he's such a "good" business man. The only result is, if you read this book that you will become even more pissed at the stupid people here who elect an "mental" patient as their leader. There certainly is something wrong with the education here. Also as I've said a million times, have someone make an "operating manual" which clearly states the limits of what Presidents are allowed to do, and properly "vet" them also with an "vetting manual" so people don't forget to ask the right questions. Make it mandatory that every President provides 10 year "tax returns" as well gets an examination about his/her mental capacity and did receive at least high scores at university levels.etc. If not, then this country will never get an "decent" President who is competent, because then they are elected based on "promises" and how much "money" they can raise only. They never learn the lessons of the past here, ask Nixon.
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    I am on a wait list for the Wolff book. About 8 weeks.
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    I got lucky on my copy because I walked into the library the day after they got it in. It's a quick read, and I am already more than halfway through it. As disorganized as the Trump campaign was, it's actually astonishing that he managed to get 62 million votes. His team made the Keystone cops look like geniuses.