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thoughts on D-Day

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    that guy in AZ Wrote:

    Absolutely not an"true " story; in the Netherlands everyone knows what happened in WWII; don't forget Anne Frank's story as well mine. Sorry the US has no clue at all about WWII, because they did not live there, nor were ever invaded by Nazi's. But are now generating an new Nazi "facist" country under Trump. The only difference is that they did not murder the kids on the border (yet). But is in "love" with "dictators" who kill everyone who does not "obey"

    When is this country doing something about this? Wake up America for it is too late!

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    As far as not murdering kids on the border, we crossed that line a long time ago. To date, six refugee children from Central America have died while in U.S. custody, but their deaths were not reported until many months later. Beyond that, though, our Border Patrol has been systematically destroying food and water left in the desert so that people coming from Mexico and other places would not die in the desert. The book, "Devil's Highway" goes into more detail, and is worth reading.

    Recently, four Arizona women who convicted after leaving food and water for migrants.

    Arresting people for giving humanitarian aid is not only morally repugnance, it is actually a violation of international law.

    This is what the United Nations does to help refugees:

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    Trump skipped the military service; but his Dad was an prominent KKK member; That says enough.

    What Miller wants to do is inhumane; the UN should take action. Obama at least tried to help at the source in these countries and provided funds in those countries to help with hunger and famine as well access to "visa's; however not of course, could change the "tyrant" leaders there as well the local corrupt clans who threaten the local population.

    But yeah Trump closes his eyes for that and only made the situation worse for a a single reason i.e. the "wall" so he could pocket billions as kickbacks from the contractors, who he likely knows from the past. His sole purpose is not the "wall" but his pocket! When are the (naive?) Dem's going to figure this out? I guess only when he already "cashed in". Amen

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    Sorry, I deviated from "D-Day" . Again I absolutely don't understand the Brits; they did not invite Hitler before the war. So why Trump? Only because they have ruined their deal with the EU and seek contact now with the US? Making deals with the "devil" (Trump) will be worse in the end than staying in the EU.
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    Mike Luckovich had some thoughts about this topic this morning:

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    Yes an good comic; he has no clue about history let alone governing. He's just an pompous dumb ass.

    It is shame he attends the D-Day ceremony; it only gives him the wrong idea's about "invasions", which he loves to do with Mexico and others who refuse to bow for him as any real dictator.

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    I just wonder when D-Day comes here; because we've got an similar "tyrant" now. In the meantime he's in France stomping on the graves of the real hero's who did not dodge the draft like him. He only likes dictators who murder all their opposition and is now trying the same here, however we are lucky but it is not "murder" yet. I doubt if the guy has learned anything from D-Day at all. At least he showed that he knows nothing about climate change in an interview in Britain. How come people here are so dumb that they elect such an dumb ass dictator?Crying.
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    D-Day has been ruined by Trump for thousands of visitors who wanted to commemorate the event as being family of the fallen soldiers etc. The reason is of course that Trump is scared to death there and no one is allowed to be there because he's surrounded by hundreds of secret service people and cordoned off by fencing and police dogs etc. Thus the "normal" people who traveled often from far away did not get the dignity to visit the graves of their loved ones because of fat ass Trump everything was cordoned of.

    So the whole occasion is only for Trump and his whole Romanov family to elevate himself, but not for the people who lost their loved ones. Very sick indeed.

    Please bring the barf bucket.