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gulf of tonkin revisited

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    It would be informative, helpful and instructive if that Orwellian World (mass news media) in America reminded the American people about the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident that was used as an excuse to create a full blown war in Vietnam, of course, that Orwellian World refuses to mention anything related to war unless it is promoting to get America into another war.

    The 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident happened when a Vietnamese fishing boat attacked a US Carrier and this absurd lie resulted in millions of people being killed and maimed in South East Asia and 60,000 American soldiers slaughtered and 180,000 being maimed.

    That US Oligarchy in Washington DC has been fabricating lies and phony incidents for 3 generations to keep America involved in wars costing millions of lives, whole countries bombed into rubble and trillions in tax dollars.

    Iraq never had nuclear weapons and now these lying warmongering maniacs are trying to start civil wars in Venezuela to get their oil and also a civil war and war of aggression against Iran based on fabricated phony intelligence about concocted untrue acts of aggression on the part of Iran and those two war criminal governments in Israel and Saudi Arabia are taking part in creating these phony incidents.

    When any government becomes a war criminal, lawless, corrupt government that government must be destroyed and replaced with a government that believes in the rule of law, truth and justice.

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    Connie, you should know by now that every President here at least has to have one war started ( except Obama, he was stuck with what Bush created). For Trump it is an must if he gets "cornered" too much; which is just about the case now.

    On top of that he surrounded himself with war "mongers" who are eager to start something new. The "weapons" producers will love it and get rich as always; they don't care about dead bodies, let alone the cost for the country. Most of our trillions of deficit can be blamed for our never ending wars which do not solve anything. When is this country going to wake up?

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    Vietnam and the Iraq invasion are far from the only lies that our government has foisted on us.

    The current crisis in Central America has roots in the fact that the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations encouraged more than 40 coups in that part of the world.

    Our government, of course, also had a lot of help from "the banana man"