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all Muslims are killers

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    I actually know people who believe that all Muslims are killers. Since the Muslim religion is the single most popular religion in the world, it makes absolutely NO SENSE to say that all of them are killers. As of 2012, there were 1.8 billion Muslims in the world. Although Christianity has 2.4 billion followers, 50% of them are Roman Catholics, which means that Catholics are the second most popular religion in the world. You'll also notice that "none of the above" is the third most popular "religion" in the world.

    After the Catholic religion, there are 7 different MAJOR variations of Christian religions. If you click on the "Protestantism link at the link below, you'll discover a dizzying number (close to 500) of minor variations.There are even 37 different types of Baptists.

    Unfortunately, some of the people who think that all Muslims are killers will focus on the elections that just occurred in Indonesia, which has more Muslims than any other country in the world. (Many of them still believe that Barack Obama was a Muslim born in Kenya).

    After the incumbent president was re-elected, protests quickly broke out in the country. Six people were killed, and hundreds were wounded. The demonstrators were largely supporters of presidential candidate and former military general Prabowo Subianto who claimed widespread fraud took place before, during and after the election.

    Things were so chaotic that 272 election officials died from fatigue.

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    Right or left, or name your religion\belief, there always has been extreme fractions that have a perception that things are sooooo bad, it requires extreme action, which includes killing innocent people. Everyone that perceives they are at war will tell you "Innocent people get killed during war times, its the nature of being at war. If you don't want innocent people to be killed, you need stop the war by doing XXXX..." and they will proceed to list war crimes where they claim innocent people on their side are being killed every day, but nobody cares, and nobody listens. People on the other side only pay attention when innocent people on their side are killed, which is why targeted their enemies's innocent people..... It's a totally screwed up rationalization, but they are extremists, so they perceive nearly everything in extremes. There is no middle ground, no common ground. Its kill or be killed. You're either 100% on their team, or you're an enemy.
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    Like I've said so many times: Religion is the curse of humanity; how many people through the ages were killed because of it or had famine or wars due to it. Sorry people all of it is snake oil, it is all about having "power" over the people and use "fear" as the means to get the power. Animals do the same thing. In an modern society with science, then people should realize that this planet with its microbe people, means nothing in this huge universe with millions of other starts/planets and space junk. A human life is only half a second in "universe " time, so why make a big deal out of "religion"; it does not help anyone. The way things are going if we get more idiots like Trump, then the "end" is near and nothing in the universe cares; it continues also without an "nuked" earth planet. Amen