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there was a crooked man

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    Yes I saw that last night on CNN; again some stupid Democrat who happens to be part of the "impeachment" prep group; did not find it worth to use "this" as part of the impeachment. There we go again; the same as last impeachment; just do "one thing" instead of ALL the wrongdoings by Trump. What an naive bunch. Also Schumer still is trying to keep up his "act" but never gets anything done; just like with the appointment of the evangelical bitch for the Supreme Court. He's an super weakling for sure. The more "dirt" on Trump the better; but the "arrogance" that they think they have enough evidence, will each time be not enough to convict. Sorry the Dems never learn to get their act together. I bet now that also this impeachment will ends like an farce; all the signs are there already.
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    Of course, as I've already indicated this new "impeachment" will be as badly done as the last one. The majority GOP members already said that "impeachment" after termination of Trumps term is un-constitutional and unwarranted. So there we go again; please tell me where in the Constitution it says you can't prosecute the President any time?. They got now plenty of time to get their "arguments" in place , while the Schumer stupidity will only use "one" argument, just like last time. Instead of making a long list which warrants "impeachment" and "loss" of all the goodies which come with being out of office; I guess the Dem's will never learn on how to attack the "mob". Like I've said use this oppertunity to save lots of "money" for the taxpayer, by not giving him all the "goodies he now gets, as well the whole family who profits from Trump's retirement. Just only "cancelling" that he can't "run" again, is peanuts and does not help anyone at all.