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Hypothical: What if Trump refused to concede after loosing in 2020

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    This question has actually been discussed as real possbility given Donald Trump tendency exceed legal\ethical boundaries that never have been tested and\or there no laws.

    Scenario: Trump looses in the 2020, but refuses to concede the 2020 election. Not only that, refuses any Supreme Court decision that might follow. He claims the entire 2020 election is invalid because some fictitious reason, claiming he shall remain president until 2024 or demands full do-over election in all 50 states.

    Question: How do you think this would play out if Trump refused to hand over the presidency to someone who has been legitimately elected?

    On the face of it it might be absurd scenario that never will happen, but Donald Trump loves to game our government and political system; refusing to leave office is something well within his normal range of extreme tactics he loves to try to achieve his personal agenda. For example #1, he might refuse to leave office, but then back down a few days later if it becomes obvious to him that he will be quickly arrested and charged with federal crimes because nobody is supporting him. Example #2, if his refusal to concede the election causes nothing but chaos\confusion and no immediate action is taken to remove him from office, he could play it out for months because there is no unified agreement on how the problem should be handled. Imagine what would happen if we had no official president for several months, or two people claiming to be officially elected. One thing I'm certain of, Trump would love every single moment of it.

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    Yes all of this comes forth out of not having proper enforceable laws in this country; the "lawyers" have taken over and are the one's who are ruining this country. Normal common sense does no longer exist. Partisan mentality rules. No longer an sound country with "brains" ; "Alexsa" thinks for us now. Let the "churches" and Alabama run the country; sorry but that is the way it is. Forget it; the "iceberg" comes closer everyday.
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    A very good question; I'm afraid all his idiot supporters will be coached by Trump to go to the streets with their guns and riot. What happens next, is may be an revolution or "coup" Right now luckily it is not that far yet, however slowly but surely he's trying to get control over the total government, so there will be no longer 3 individual departments to do the "checks" and "balances". This was never foreseen in the Constitution. Looking at the struggle now related to the "subpoena's" and "contempt" issues which are blocked, then our forefathers never had an clue that people like Trump ever would be elected.

    You can call it an crisis, but I call it utter "stupidity" to have an country run by corrupt partisan "lawyers" including Barr. Guiliani and others, appointed by an corrupt leader as is the case now. All the checks and balances are out of the window; so what's next? Since this an "lawyer" country, then even a "zillion" lawyers never will be able to save this country. They will only be able to fill their own pockets and then disappear. What this country needs is an solid base law fitting the times we live in, as well solid laws for our leaders and "elections". If not then this country stays in chaos. ( You can't fix old worn out shoes)

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    wwjd Wrote: Question: How do you think this would play out if Trump refused to hand over the presidency to someone who has been legitimately elected?

    Nothing surprises me anymore, so I wouldn't be shocked if Donald tries to challenge the election results if he loses. If he loses in a landslide then I don't think he'll have much of a leg to stand on, but if it's a close election then it's anyone's guess what will happen. It's truly scary to think about, but it is certainly something everyone needs to be prepared for.

    All we can hope for is that all those who are charged with ensuring a peaceful transition of power will choose country over party.

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    There is multiple ways Trump is likely to handle it, and it depend on circumstances right before and after the election.

    My best guess is that trump would refuse to concede right up, and even past the inauguration day, but ultimately leave the White House under protest that the election was corrupt, stolen from him by the Deep State that plotted against him, and rigged the election.

    He might leave the White House, but he won't ever concede the election. After leaving the White House, Trump is likely to claim he remains the official president of the US. Trump love to be the victim, to create the illusion that he is the under-dog that has been victimized by a corrupt system. He want to be perceived as Robin Hood, the man who exposes and defeats corruption (The Deep State). My bet, he wants to leave office under controversy, so he can be on the outside, claiming he is the true president that was forced out off office at gun point by storm troopers under the control of the Deep State.... He might go as far as to sue the US government for wrongful job termination, claim the US government did not investigate election fraud that caused him to loose.

    For as long as Trump is alive, he will also be doing and saying things to keep the spot light on himself. As president, he is on the world biggest stage with the biggest audience. He will never be satisfied with having to play smaller audience once he the country, the media, and rest of world move beyond him.

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    Just look at this then you know enough: