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My 'Shit-Holes' Shit

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    My 'Shit-Holes' Shit by A Hurting Human

    A hostage to your sanctions, another unconsidered pawn

    Affected, dejected, clean water, food, safety, medicine, gone.

    You hate my government, my state, mine solely by birth,

    By proxy I get your hate, simply another child of the Earth.

    When will the Valkyries Ride? Destroying so many lands before.

    When will your bombs darken our sky? Your boots hit our shore?

    Remember, a child unappeased, who doesn’t receive via a fit

    Its stupidity overwhelms then, “the poor little shit!”

    Our resources, our control, the reason for anewed “concern”,

    Don't equate to our children being bloodied, broken and or burned.

    Wagner’s taping, catching attention, raising his wand,

    Under the rain, everyone I know, unfortunately also born not blond.

    Zero differentiation genetically, other than the meaningless, the cosmetic

    For my shit-holes shit you’ll kill us one and all, sans care or anesthetic.

    Your wants, needs, thoughts, your flights of fiction or fact

    Are no different to everyone else’s, yet you’re ignorant of this fact!

    The idiotic, armed by beliefs of "more deserving", “better than”.

    Our differences, culture, used as ammo, in each step of a set plan.

    The restrictions imposed to my flag won’t bring a switch,

    Except for us from “okish” to fighting to drink out of a ditch.

    Hungry, without power, nor the power to in anyway adapt.

    Those you’re hunting, their resources remain barely tapped.

    I’ve witnessed your hunger, your foreign policy’s clutch,

    In the crosshairs, me and my like, are never in for a gentle touch.

    Where do I turn when nowhere near is any nearer to better?

    How do I dream when all I can hope for is a little clean water?

    The hooves, the thunder, the affected, those seeing only with hate,

    We’re Humans, yet there’s no concern of those already the late.

    No thought for us Humans now, and or those soon to be dead.

    Your only global concern, your bottom line, is away from the red.

    These embargoes stand against 30 countries or territories Worldwide,

    Our only crime for lack of basic needs, happenstance for which we cannot hide!