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extinction rebellion

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    Since the world's politicians obviously don't give a tinker's damn about the greatest threat to the planet's living web and the survival of all living creatures the world's peoples have created a new movement called Extinction Rebellion and this movement is targeting the global fossil fuel corporations, global banks/capitalism and the chemical corporations during their protests, marches and demonstrations all over the world and try to educate the world's people about the fact that humanity now has the technology to slow down this global warming/climate change.

    The world's people are not stupid and realize that the planet's weather has become increasingly destructive, chaotic and deadly because of all the heat that has been accumulating in the atmosphere, oceans and earth itself for 3 centuries.

    Scientists estimate that there is only one decade left to slow down the destructive effects of climate change and after that tipping point is reached the ongoing extinction of life on earth is inevitable.