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New idea from the GOP for voter suppression

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    Daily Kos-endorsed candidate Stacey Abrams isn't just waiting to become governor of Georgia to improve access to the ballot box; she is already fighting to tear down the barriers blocking Georgians from exercising their right to vote in a lawsuit that goes to trial this week.

    Abrams' organization, Fair Fight, has filed a lawsuit against Georgia election officials for grossly mismanaging the 2018 election. The lawsuit claims that the state deprived some citizens, in particular people of color and low-income Georgians, of their right to vote.

    One of the top election officials named in the lawsuit is the former Secretary of State, and now Governor, Brian Kemp. The lawsuit claims he used his position overseeing the election to promote voter suppression. Under Kemp's election leadership, over 500,000 Georgians were purged from the voter rolls for not voting in enough elections, tens of thousands had their voter registration rejected because of "exact match" rules (that most times were just simple typos), and there were numerous proposed polling place closures that would have disproportionately impacted communities of color.

    Besides Kemp, the other candidates running for governor are Stacy and Herschel Walker, who has tow strikes against him:

    (1) credible charges of domestic violence and (2) he has been endorse by "The Former Guy" - which has been a losing formula for many candidates.

    Stacey got 48.8 % of the vote in 2018, losing to Kemp by a 55,000 votes. If Kemp had not removed 500,000 people from the voter rolls, she would have won.

    Since Kemp, as Secretary of State, was overseeing an election where he was a candidate, there was an obvious conflict of interest. Now that Trump has demeaned him, he (Kemp) is not going to get the votes of the people who still think that Biden lost.

    source: the Daily Kos

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    I just saw on TV (CNN) the "figures" about Biden's approval ratings; they are horrible. So what will happen in the mid terms? Also the Trump party, regardless of what is happening in the Ukraine are sticking to their "platform" whatever that is. Obstruction and "complaining" is their only game "reality of the world around us has not yet penetrated their brains.

    Sorry the 2020 mess is here to stay. However looking at the Russia "game"; they are now getting "mad" at us as well the NATO membership issue with Sweden and Finland irritates them and gave an strong warning that we should no longer supply support to the Ukraine; they escalated their brutal killing after their warship was sunk by the Ukrainians with our supplied "tools". Etc. Etc.

    So things are getting more and more dangerous in this world, but the GOP keeps the blinders on. Sorry there is no "unity" in this country; it remains an "un-governable" country because of it.