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New idea from the GOP for voter suppression

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    From Facebook:

    Asshole of the Day - Texas State Senator Bryan Hughes, whose new bill, Senate Bill 9, will disallow driving of elderly, disabled, or poor people to the polls… DISALLOWS bringing more than 3 people with you now… so these massive efforts with vans full of elderly from nursing homes, or vans full of disabled people, or vans full of poor people who don’t have cars, will now be disallowed in Texas… and any voter that needs assistance like voting curbside, which has been a way to service vulnerable voters, there can only be three at a pop... if they can’t get up and come in on their own, then there can’t be more than 3 of them at a time… imagine the sick cruel calculating mind that comes up with these tactics to hinder voting by vulnerable groups… THIS is Republican voter suppression at is ugliest and most abusive… and most discriminatory… this Republican power era emboldens actual legislation of ideas that otherwise would be shamefully embarrassing to admit you even thought of.... every day in every red state, it is a horrifying Whack-A-Mole game of democracy-killing laws being put on the books... the horror with this round of the game is that we aren't even allowed to Whack em...

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    I was not able to find the underlying source for this article, so am just pasting in an article that I received in my email about vote suppression.

    Many of you already know who Thomas Hofeller is, and his work promoting voter suppression. Fortunately, his estranged daughter brought his work to light after his death. Although there has been some progress in reversing voter suppression, there also have been some laws passed that make it worse.

    Surprisingly, there HAS been progress in Arizona, largely due to the fact that the Secretary of State is a Democrat.

    "Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has settled a lawsuit that will make it much easier for Arizonans to keep their registration up-to-date. The agreement provides that the state Department of Transportation will automatically update a voter's registration when they update their address during driver's license transactions. Voting advocates had previously filed a lawsuit arguing that Hobbs' GOP predecessor was violating federal law by refusing to update these registrations, but Hobbs' 2018 election win paved the way for this settlement."

    Florida went backwards.

    Kentucky went backwards.

    North Carolina is in flux.

    Texas is in flux.

    Wisconsin is in flus

    Nevada is in flux

    New Jersey is heading in the right directon.

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    Dutch's post is the 6th thread related to voter suppression, and the first thread goes back to 2012.

    Numerous red states have stayed in Republican hands due to severe voter suppression (Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia are just a few examples) but Wisconsin just reached a new level of depravity.

    Heather Cox Richardson reported this tidbit last night:

    Today’s GOP has gone a long way on voter suppression and disinformation, and Trump and some of his people are still trying to make that work. Trump’s unhinged tweets today are an example of such disinformation, and there was also follow-up news on voter suppression from the story I wrote about on December 16, the story of the purge of more than 200,000 voters in Wisconsin, a key state that Trump won in 2016 by less than 23,000 votes.

    In December, Judge Paul Malloy ordered a purge of more than 234,000 voters from the rolls in Wisconsin. When the Wisconsin Elections Commission, which is evenly split between the parties, asked Malloy to put the decision on hold until after the 2020 election, he declined. So, as expected, the commission appealed to the state court of appeals, and said it would wait 12 to 24 months before purging the voters who had failed to answer a state letter asking if they still lived at the address the state had on file for them. That made a conservative law firm ask the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which favors Republicans 5-2, to take up the case, and to file a motion with Malloy’s court to hold the Wisconsin Elections Commission in contempt of court, asking it to fine five of the six members of the commission up to $6000 a day until they purged the rolls, explicitly stating that they want it done before the next elections.

    Today, Malloy found the commission in contempt, and said that if it does not immediately begin the voter purge, three of its six members will be fined $250 day. Those three are the Democrats on the commission.

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    It's actually been legal for a few years to have armed patrols at voting locations. Regardless of what you call it, it's a blatant attempt to intimidate minority voters.

    Since Arizona has more than its share of wacky legislators, it should not surprise you that a legislator from Scottsdale wants to have armed policemen at all polling places, because he is concerned that DEMOCRATS are going to cause violence.