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The trade turmoil

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    We discussed this before, but there are new developments which will have an negative effect for this country. There is still no "China" deal and of course Trump played the "bully" again and threatened China with additional "tariffs". He's now also attacking Mexico with additional "tariffs" on tomato's. His meddling in any of these things, may lead to an REAL trade war and may not benefit this country at all. All his actions right now will backfire, like the Iran threats as well Venezuela and N.Korea an Israel turmoil. It already affects the stock market. All his "self centered actions" will eventually lead to that the US position in the world will go downhill rapidly, as well its effect on the economy.

    Remember his statement:" I "alone" can fix it", Hitler thought the same thing.

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    No comments?; Buy your tomato's now! Wink Why worry? the "economy is "great" now, right? Just wait you will be rudely awakened over a while.
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    Yes people, Trump will impose more "tariffs" tonight; it will impact this country in a big way; sorry but China will be the winner in the end, not us. The Chinese VP will visit, but I've little hope there will be an solution, because Trumps trade tactics are never an win/win deal; he deals only from an "me,me" only point of view, as an "mob" bully.

    The level of stock market is now as far as more than an year ago. Trumps "economy" is an "house of cards" The stock market lost over 1000 points in less than an week and will go even down further as we speak. The working capital loss for all companies is tremendous; this will certainly affect the economy.

    As I've said many times; the way Trump and his cronies negotiate via "mob" tactics will fail in the end. It will "peak" for an short period and then collapse. Yes the "iceberg" is about a hundred yards away from the ship.

    The latest; Trump received an "sweet" letter from Xi he was happy as an little kid. We'll wait and see, the V.P. is coming tonight. Trump always falls for "charming" letters, but remains an "mob bully" without brains; if he sticks to his attitude the Chinese will immediately put huge "tariffs" on US junk and soybeans. The industry here and consumers will love it for sure.

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    The Dow now another 300 points down; Trump and his "bully" tactics "work"?.Don't let me laugh! China will retaliate for sure. The export to China will stop for sure; the "soy bean" farmers, GM and Tesla etc. can forget their exports, let alone that they have to pay "extra" for all the electronics in their cars/trucks, which do come from China. All the "foreign" made cars built here, will thrive because they will likely be exempt. Which ever way, more harm will be felt here than in China ; they will export via, via and import it then via the "back way" into the US, with an sticker on it "made in Japan" Ha ha.
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    The Chinese just dumped (some?) of the US treasury bonds they held; as an "message". Lots of luck Trump and MNuchin. I told you so! The Chinese hold all the "cards". Just continue racking up the deficit; no one will any longer serve our debt. It will follow the trend like Germany after WWII. (if you continue on the present path) Just "print" more money to save your ass. Trump "wins" all the time. Ha ha.
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    The stock market is now like an yo yo; down again today due to that China does not accept the "bullying" (where did I hear that before?) Just wait till you get them mad enough, then not even an American made piece of chewing gum will enter China.

    I guess Trump forgets who "holds" all our treasury bonds; once China stops serving our "debt" (which is increasing every day) then this country will be in deep shit. Look what happens if you don't pay your bills. China just about owns this country. China does not need American made "goods", they can get it elsewhere or make it themselves; our export will tank.

    Negotiation is an two way street; "bullying" never works.

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    I see no reply at all on this "thread"; yes the truth hurts.
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    Dutch -- It looks like you have had a one way conversation on this topic. Actually the China trade is quite complicated if one looks at it from a global perspective in following the movement and monetary value of goods, services and investments around the world instead of just focusing on trade in manufactured goods between two countries. Yes, China could divest of it's treasury note holdings, but that would leave few options for them.

    China’s Treasury holdings fell to a two-year low — here’s why investors shouldn’t worry

    4 reasons why China won’t use ‘nuclear option’ of selling Treasurys to retaliate against U.S.

    Besides the treasury notes, however, our negotiating ability to trade in the global market place is now highly hampered by our withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement. And Wilber Ross seems like he should be spending time in a geriatrics ward instead of Commerce Secretary with his outdated notions on trade and tariffs.

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    Yes Schmidt, did they "vet" Ross? Highly qualified I guess.

    Also don't forget China has also investments in our stock market like Apple and others who have plants there. They could do the same as in Russia; nationalize those. Furthermore as an simple option, bar any US imports. Sorry to say China is quite an larger country with more "educated people" than this "banana republic" as well they have an "planning" until 2025 which they likely will meet. They know hardships and can live with it; they did for 4000 years. I doubt if we can do that here with only 300 years behind us. I guess the US is under-estimating the "power" of China and its fast development in all area's.

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    I hope some people have looked at "Fareed"(CNN) today; he had some excellent pieces about Iran and China. It is clear that Trump and his cronies have no idea about either country. I guess Trump is forgetting that the US is already for a long time is not number "one" in the world.. But still acts like they are. It is like an mouse who demands something from an elephant. China and Russia combined occupy the largest landmass on earth; they have therefore also the largest resources. But the "mouse" (Trump) has no idea how to "negotiate" with an "elephant" (China) At least China has an "plan" and "policy" , we've got none; everything is ad-hoc. without any planning or let alone an "back-up" plan. All Trumps foreign policies have failed until now.

    Since the fight is also about "intelligent property" it is silly on how the US approaches such. Lots of US based companies have plants and distribution in China. The point is, how can they otherwise produce goods, if you don't tell them how to make it, if it is subject to "intelligent property" . BMW built cars here, so how do they built these here, without German drawings and engineering? or "intelligent property" issues and "patents"?. The same applies for China. So it is no wonder they will "copy" things all the time as every country does. How come that cars and cellphones are made all over the place, even in Russia. We "crashed" planes all over the world; guess what, someone will copy everything what was in it. Guess who's got lots of satellites "spying" on us.For instance China as well Russia know exactly what's in an F35 and how it works, as well where they are deployed.etc.

    Playing the "bully" will not get you anywhere in this world, except may be here in the US.

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    Sorry Schmidt, it sounds boring but here I go again.

    People here don't realize what is going on with "trade" and don't seem to care. The consequences all over the world in the tech industries are already felt. The Huawei company in China was "blackmailed" and "banned" from doing business here. This is also felt in Europe by ASML (Dutch) who makes the machines who produce the "chips" as well NXP (Dutch) who's an speciality chip maker who sells these to Huawei. Both have also factories in the US. Thus thanks to Trump, the whole world suffers. Of course the stocks of these companies tanked today.

    Trump will find out the hard way, what China is all about. At least they've got an infrastructure plan and carry it out.

    The funny part is that here (in an add) they show an French TGV train going at high speed and "attached" the sound of an regular US diesel train to it. (if an TGV, then you hear only an "whoosh" sound because it has an silicone rubber lining on the wheels; but I guess they don't know that here, when they made the add) I also heard that California who wanted an high speed train, did not get the "money" for it from Washington; Trump wants to use it for something else (or "himself"?) Yes China is getting ahead of us also in "space". Keep on dreaming Trump.

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    Finally someone woke up and said that the"trade deficit" numbers are wrong. Trump only counts what is exported from this country but forgets what is built in China by American companies who then export or sell those to either China or others.

    But yeah Trump has no brains. I hope someone "educates him". But yeah too late the Chinese are stalling things now and let Trump feel the pain.

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    The stock market is "tanking" the Huawei effect is getting hold on the market; the Dow is now where it was one and an half year ago and lost again over 400 points today. Tesla lost about 160 points (total from 360 now to under 200 a share) as well all the Chinese related stocks. I guess no one beliefs me, but if things keep going as now with Trump and his stupid advisers; things will really go downhill fast unless there are solutions for China, Iran, N.Korea, England (Brexit), Russia, Venezuela and others. The world is now in turmoil thanks to Trump and the markets are out of wack due to him and his "uneducated" cronies. Also on the political front it has deteriorated ask Pelosi, so I only see an downhill picture for this country. Rally's or "election" happenings will make things only worse because the "attention" on the real "threats" are not taken serious on the higher levels. So fasten your seatbelts, it will be an rough ride to .............. (you fill it in)

    If the people who support him still say the economy is great; then they will be in for an surprise over a while; all the bad signs are there.