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Trumps "coup"

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    Trump did scream that the Dem's committed an "coup" via the Mueller investigation. However the "reverse" may become true. He certainly wants the Dem's to be "dead" in the water. Or eventually as an dictator have only one party. It is clear that such is his goal. An evangelical preacher came with the idea that Trump should get an additional 2 years added to his first term because the Dem's obstructed his first 2 years; la la land for sure. Right now the hands of the Dem's are tied; everything they will try likely ends up in the "courts' and may take forever to get resolved. Let alone his "tax returns" those may never see the daylight.

    Yes it is an "coup" by Trump and his cronies. He even may succeed, because of our "non-laws" for Presidents.

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    McGahn is also not providing "documents" related to the Mueller report; they were due today. Thus Dem's, it is an total blockade of everything; yes it is an "coup" by Trump. Also it is not even sure that Mueller will testify at all.

    So what's next? For sure an renewed trade war with China coming week. The Dow dropped 550 points as a forebode.

    Nancy, your "spring" nap is over!!