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Childhood in a Cult

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    Guinevere Turner, New Yorker, April 29, 2019: My Childhood in a Cult

    I found this article fascinating. Guinevere Turner was born into the Lyman Family cult in 1968, and spent here childhood days there until her mother left the cult, and she too was sent away at about the age of 12. Turner describes how it was the only life she knew and why she resisted leaving to join the "World People" who had "no souls".

    Anyway, you can read Turner's excellent article at the link above. For those of us who have researched and discussed "indoctrination" of sorts of children into religious and political beliefs, you might find this article chilling, that such cults still exist in America today including that of the Lyman Family.

    Turner is now mentally free of the cult, and she has written this and other articles about her life there. However, for many of her childhood friends who stayed and "married" a male member at a young age of 13, they will never escape their crazed mental bonds. Their beliefs will never change.

    We can perhaps relate to her experience and beliefs by extrapolating how our own childhood experiences and environment define who we are. Yet for many others of us "world people", our genes, as well as our environment, will still play a significant part of our lives and differentiate us from each other, especially if critical thinking is allowed to foster in our brains. Nevertheless, for those adults who grow up in a family with certain ingrained religious beliefs or political persuasions, those psychological and spiritual chains are always subliminal...hard to unshackle...much like Turner's childhood beliefs in the Lyman Family cult.

    That's also why, in large part, we are divided as a nation...and perhaps why some Americans think and behave ideologically and tribally as if they were in a cult.

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    I guess Trumps childhood ( he's still in it) must have been an "cult" as well; his Daddy was an prominent KKK member, also the "cult" was: here is some "money" for the rest "shut up"; he never learned anything, but "mob" indoctrination methods. He did not even know how to "shop" , because he thought that you need to show your drivers licence to buy an loaf of bread. Yes he must have come from an "cult" the same "cult" as Pence, Pompeo, Miller, Graham, McConnell, Ross, Meadows, Jordan, Barr, MNuchin etc.