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Oct 2016 polls

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    Consolation for jaredsxtn. In Oct 2016 the polling had Hillary ahead. The polls were judged wrong but in fact they were right. Hillary got 3 million more votes than Trump. The difference is the polls didn't account for the electoral college. The polls correctly accounted for Hillary getting 3 million more votes.
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    The problem with relying on polls, especially today, is that they often tend to be highly partisan.

    I got a note from the Daily Caller the other day that breathlessly proclaimed that Trump's approval rating is the highest that it has been in 2 years. The underlying source quoted Harvard CAPS/Harris, which would seem to be a credible source, but never forget the fact that the Daily Caller was started by Tucker Carlson of FOX, so any news on it should be taken with "a gran of salt".

    Also, don't forget that there are MANY different polling organizations, so it's important to not rely on just one of them.

    Was Trump's approval rating REALLY 48%. Well. "not exactly".

    If you look at the approval ratings from 14 different polling organizations, only one of them was as high as 48%. . In all of them, his disapproval rating was higher than his approval rating. If you look at the highest approval rating (from Gallup) of the last 14 presidents, ALL of them were higher than 48%.

    Over time, the public's perception of a president can change dramatically. The best examples of this phenomenon are George W. Bush and Harry Truman. Both of them went from very high approval ratings to just plain awful ratings.

    Truman's approval rating in his last year of office was an abysmal 22%, and W's approval rating was almost as bad. However, Truman today is considered one of our ten best by at least one source.

    Business Insider actually puts old "the buck stops here" even higher, at #6, even higher than Barack Obama, JFK, and Thomas Jefferson.

    In the words of Abraham Lincoln, "don't believe everything you read on the internet".

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    Arizona; I've never been "polled" by anyone. So forget these polls!

    Neither have they done it via my "voting" , because I had a "mail in" one; which they likely threw in the garbage as is customary in FL. Ask Scott and DeSantis and the counties which the Russians "hacked".

    Sorry everything in this country is "corrupt"; as is promoted by Trump every day.