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    Cortez and Omar are two young women who were elected in the last election to the U.S. House of Representatives on a Progressive Platform that hopes to promote peace around the world instead of wars that kill and maim millions and turn countries into rubble, resolving the climate change catastrophe with a green new deal, health care for all, repealing the Drug Plan D that steals 10's of billions of dollars from the American people, taxing nonpaying, tax dodging billionaires and corrupt global corporations, creating millions of jobs by rebuilding America, increasing that poverty stricken minimum wage of $7.25 to $15.00, creating a fair and just immigration law and removing the billions in bribe money that has destroyed our Republic.

    Trumps verbal and twitter lying attacks on Omar because she is a Muslim and told the truth about AIPAC reveals what a fascist creep he is because these attacks caused increasing death threats against Omar. Trumps name appears in many mass killers diatribes since his venomous hate filled attacks on minorities gives these mass killers the excuse to slaughter and maim hundred of innocent human beings.

    The rude awakening came when Pelosi and the other establishment democrats in the U.S. Congress also condemned the truthful honest comments of Omar when she said that AIPAC runs that Oligarchy's foreign policies and that is why that government has been committing all these war crimes and they refused to support the truth.

    The total lack of support and indifference to the corporate democratic establishment in the U.S. Congress for Cortez's green new deal also reveals where these establishment corporate democrats loyalties lie and it is not with the American people.

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    Yes Connie, This country suffers from lots of diseases; like "money'; which is the root of all evil as well the churches. So combine these two then you get the society as we have right now. Furthermore as I've written so many times, is that the "laws" here are made for the "little" man but don't apply for the rich and powerful. Ask Trump and the billionaires; they run the country not the "voters". Only one word applies, everything is "corrupt". As long as they don't change the laws such way that you can't manipulate those, then an zillion lawyers as well the justice dept. will corrupt it. Ask Barr and Guiliani, Mc Connell as well Graham.