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strange bedfellows

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    Truth is revealed in the saying that politics make strange bedfellows. While surfing the TV menu I noticed a really strange listing: FOX NEWS was covering a Bernie Sanders Town Hall. The question is: "Why!?" because the Jewish owner of FOX NEWS believes there is no way that Bernie could beat Trump and giving Bernie a forum for expressing his views on the issues is a great way to be sure Trump wins, of course, FOX NEWS lives in a Fantsyland of lies, deceptions and total unreality and it is totally out of touch with the American people and their problems, unfortunately, so is the corporate Democratic Establishment and there is no doubt it will continue to support more Robber Baron Stooges.

    Another example of political strange bedfellows is AIPAC supporting Trump whose fascist, racist, hate filled views are well known and add Christians to Trump's rabid supporters and things really get weird when these two religions are supporting a war criminal who supports other war criminals and promotes war crimes all over the planet in places like Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and who also advocates wars against Russia, Iran and Venezuela.

    The U.S. Government has become a blood soaked Oligarchy run by a gang of war criminals, warmongers, death dealers in every kind of weapon and corrupt creeps because the rule of law no longer exists in that government and it is time to abolish that Oligarchy and reestablish a Republic free of wars and instead be a promoter of peace around the world and also free of the corrupting influence of billions in bribe money.

    The American people should establish a new movement called Patriots United for the Return of the Republic: PURR

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    Sorry, Connie the "swamp" has totally filled up with huge alligators who want "red" meat. PURR stands for little "Kittens" There are already way too many protest "groups" which don't help this country at all. It only creates more "partisan issues" in any society

    Patriots don't exist here; they are all "me" and "me" only, ask Trump. Oaths means nothing any more either. Put Trump on an lie detector; he'll flunk it already at the first question.

    I guess sorry to say only an"real" revolution may save this country; but due to the intertwined corruption which is very difficult to untangle not an feasible solution. As long as they don't make "solid" laws for "everyone" including Presidents, which can't be "interpreted/twisted/turned" a million ways, by a zillion lawyers, then the turmoil will continue and only will get worse.