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How the 2020 election can evolve into disaster.

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    Dutch Wrote: Yes, however I don't have an crystal ball to predict these things; the only thing I'm sure of is that "chaos" will prevail and get larger than ever. Including the "mafia corruption"; the game seems to be; how can (I, Republicans) fill my pockets until things collapse. Even Musk is now in the game to add more Tesla stocks available, who he then himself buys for an big portion so he can make money from the hype and the "loan". I guess Trump is helping him with it.

    Yes, Dutch, corruption capitalism is in full swing. I don’t have a crystal ball either but wouldn’t be surprised if what I said happened or didn’t happen.

    As for Musk? I have never had any use for him.

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    Strange as it may seem, we may be heading back to "smoke filled rooms" to choose political candidates. There is a real possibility. The last person to won the party nomination without winning a single primary was Hubert Humphrey in 1968.

    Although Humphrey got 42.7% of the vote (compared to Nixon's 43.4%) he got 191 electoral votes, compared to Nixon's 301. George Wallace captured the rest - all in 5 Southern states. Since then, both parties have adopted rules that award delegates according to the popular vote in either primaries or caucuses. This in turn meant that one candidate emerged with a majority of the delegates committed prior to the convention, making those events the political equivalent of an infomercial.

    The voters ruled even if the bosses seethed, as was the case when Donald Trump hijacked the Republican Party in 2016.

    Democrats, unlike Republicans, do not give a statewide primary winner all or the lion’s share of that state’s delegates. Instead, Democrats award delegates proportionally to a candidate’s share of the vote, so long as that person gets at least 15 percent. If a winner gets 26 percent of the vote, as Sanders did in New Hampshire, he or she gets about 26 percent of the delegates. This creates a strong incentive to stay in the race even if a candidate finishes third or fourth.

    Believe it or not, even if the race narrows to Sanders and one competitor after St. Patrick’s Day, Sanders could repeatedly defeat that person by 60-40 landslides and still not be assured the nomination.

    This is where the bosses come back in.

    See the source image

    About 16 percent of the delegates are not even selected by voters. These super delegates, which consist mainly of elected Democratic officials but also some longtime unelected party activists, cannot vote on the first ballot but can vote in every ballot thereafter. This is why former vice president Joe Biden or Klobuchar have a real chance to win

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    Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient winner Rush Limbaugh just suggested that “America’s still not ready to elect a gay guy”, which could be a taste of what Pete Buttigieg will face if he is the Democratic presidential nominee.

    After Al Smith was defeated in 1928, people said that America was not ready to elect a Catholic - but JFK won in 1960.

    Nobody thought a divorced man could become president - but Reagan got elected in 1980

    Nobody though a black man could get elected president - until Barack Obama got elected in 2008

    It's common sense that a person with zero political experience could not be elected president - but Trump got elected.

    Prior to 2015, Mayor Pete would have been foolish to run for president. However, a June 2017 Pew Research Center poll found 62% of Americans supported same-sex marriage, 32% opposed, and 6% had no opinion. This marked the first Pew poll where a majority of Baby Boomers supported same-sex marriage, and where a majority of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents did not oppose same-sex marriage.[

    In the United States, numerous gay people have served in Congress. Stewart McKinney was the first in 1971.

    There are currently 3 countries that are led by gay people, and 2 other counties that have had gay leaders in the past. Rush Limbaugh may not be ready for a gay president, but it seems that a lot of people in America are.

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    I guess this is not the issue; he's been only an mayor of an small town in In(san)iana. He has no "world" experience at all, or dealt with all kind of types of people like in N.Y. or Moscow. Let alone what he will run into while in office. Our present leader ( the business man) has no clue either, except how to do "power grabbing". So what will mayor Pete do?

    Certainly the "evangelicals" won't vote for him and that is an huge part of the voters.