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Campaign for people but not against Trump.

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    Laisse faire is not a sound campaign plan. Forget Trump and campaign for the people. The country is headed toward totally disenfranchising the working class. Forget about Trump and tell the people "We care about you". The job of a politician is to get re-elected. Politicians will waste too much time building careers. "Good paying jobs" and "Make America Fair Again" are winning Democratic Platforms . Forget about Trump and talk about the problems of the people.
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    Sure Chet, I agree with you; however as you must be aware, this is not the "game " here. The "politics" played are the only game in town. All the other things don't matter. The posturing and "ego's are much more important. Just look at the "games" Trump is playing just to fill the pockets of his buddies and wants to be patted on the back for it.

    Thus sorry to say, what you and I want, is an far from our bed show.