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An insider job at Interior

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    Ryan Zinke was forced out as head of the Secretary of the Interior for multiple indiscretions, which led to 15 ethics investigations. His replacement, David Bernhardt, was confirmed as the new head of the department last Thursday, and the department's inspector general has ALREADY opened an ethics investigation into his actions.§ion=Editorials

    To quote Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, "We now have an interior secretary who has been on the job for one full business day and is already under investigation.”

    We all know that a fish rots at the head, but the stench is becoming a little unbearable.

    See the source image

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    Reading the NYT article I note that the Senate voted 56-41 to approve Bernhardt as Secretary of the Interior. What the hell. Doesn't ethics matter any more? And who are the Democrats who voted for this crook?