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North Korea

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    Money rules the system. A tax code should prevent any one person from subjugating a government to private wishes and whims.
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    In 1983, the Danish group Laid Back released a song titled "White Horse", which you can listen to at the link below.

    Although it's a catchy tune, what's notable about the song is its symbolism. "White horse" refers to heroin, and "white pony" refers to cocaine. The book Totally Awesome 80s described "White Horse" as "a song with very few words that still managed to be about the joys of cocaine".

    As you know by know, life often imitates art, and this song came immediately to mind when I read an article about Kim Jong Un this morning. He was captured on camera riding a white horse across snow-covered landscapes on Mount Paektu, the Korean peninsula’s highest peak.

    The location and animal are both symbols associated with the Kim family's dynastic rule. Kim has previously visited Mt Paektu before making major decisions such as the 2013 execution of his powerful uncle and his 2018 decision to embark on diplomacy with Seoul and Washington. The images were released days after the country's first nuclear negotiations with the United States in more than seven months fell apart .Analysts said the symbolism underscored North Korea's determination to stand up to international pressure over its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs.