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the Nazi in the White House

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    This morning, the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit civil rights advocacy group, published an investigative report from its Hatewatch arm, which reviewed more than 900 messages Miller sent to Breitbart editors from March 2015 to June 2016. More than 80% “relate to or appear on threads relating to the subjects of race or immigration,” Hatewatch said.

    Miller's personal history, of course, is loaded with irony:

    His mother's ancestors Wolf Lieb Glotzer and his wife, Bessie, immigrated to the United States from the Russian Empire's Antopol, in what is present-day Belarus, arriving in New York on January 7, 1903, on the German ship S.S. Moltke and thus escaping the 1903–06 anti-Jewish pogroms in Belarus and other parts of the Russian Empire.When his great-grandmother arrived in the US in 1906, she spoke only Yiddish, the historical language of the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe

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    Stephen Miller is Trump's "point man" in the White House:

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    I don't think so; he's the Rasputin in Trumps brain; he will likely stay longer than any other one around him.
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    Miller's uncle is opposed to the draconian immigration policies of his nephew. As a result, he donated to a pro-refugee group as a wedding present.

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    Facebook takes down 88 Trump ads that use Nazi concentration camp icon for political prisoners

    Historians immediately noticed the shocking similarity and sounded the alarm.

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    Yes this is only an tiny part of the Trump culture; looking at all the craziness right now; rallying like Hitler did; does not give a shit about dying people from the virus and firing "good" people as Burman and others which get in his way. etc etc. Then the only conclusion I've come to is that this land is doomed. The Trump "cult" is like an worse disease that the "virus". Together it makes an mixture of the "worst" elements which float to the surface, and also shows that due to our lousy structure of governing and weak law manipulated system, an "fascist' regime can thrive on the incompetence here.

    Therefore the "elections" more than ever dictate the future of this country. If Trump and his cronies are allowed to "corrupt" the voting system even more ( which is also in bad shape related to all kind of things like voting machines, which don't happen to work or no mail-in ballots and other tricks invented by Trump and his cohorts), as they certainly will do (the proof is in the pudding) then I fear this country is doomed all the way.

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    Looking at last nights "circus" then I'm getting more and more convinced that we finally found the "lost " arc. Yes all the animals drowned and only the "snakes" survived. Congratulations America, we can add you to the list of the "has been" countries. Chaos is the word. Don't blame the virus; it is the "brain dead" people here which is an even bigger disease.

    The "snakes" are winning and are poisonous "rattle" snakes. Lots of "rattle" for sure.

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    In addition to more coverage of the coronavirus and the targeting of American troops by the Taliban, Heather Cox Richardson had an interesting comment about the use of Nazi imagery by the Trump campaign. Here is what she said:

    " The Trump campaign today also reinforced its use of Nazi imagery. It offered for sale an “America First” t-shirt with a design reminiscent of the Nazi Iron Eagle widely understood to be a symbol of hate. Like the use of the triangle symbol that harked back to the Nazi tag for political prisoners, this image is close enough that it cannot be missed, but different enough that Trump supporters promptly insisted that people calling out its use are overreacting. On Twitter, conservative Tom Nichols, a professor of international affairs at the U.S. Naval War College said, “I've been pretty hard on people who make the Nazi comparisons around here, but Christ, even *I* saw this one right away. This is not some standard American eagle, this is a Trump graphics guy thinking he's being clever and trolling the world by saying "mayyyybe it's close."

    As Holocaust scholar Waitman Beorn notes, the Trump campaign’s appropriation of Nazi images speaks to Trump’s white supremacist base. But as media critic Parker Molloy noted about the previous controversy, issuing these images is also a cheap and easy way to command media attention without having to pay for it.

    By coincidence, I got an email from the Trump campaign store this morning, offering a 25% discount on merchandise in order to celebrate the 4th of July. Here is the t-shirt in question, which is priced at $30.

    Here'a a picture of the Nazi Iron Eagle:

    See the source image

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    It is so obvious that Trump copies everything Hitler did; this also applies to him holding the "bible" the same as Hitler did, his "rally's" the same as Hitler did, the extermination camps symbol triangle as Hitler did : only the "Arian race" was superior under Hitler the same as here the " white superiority" race. As well many more comparisons which are "creepy" as hell. Wake up America more is to come if you vote for him.