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the Nazi in the White House

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    Stephen Miller has been "under the radar" lately, but he is a truly evil man:

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    Name one trump appointee who isn't evil or loyal to him.
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    that guy in AZ Wrote:

    Stephen Miller has been "under the radar" lately, but he is a truly evil man:

    Yes I wrote about that as well ; reading your "attachment" it gives me the shills; My Dad got murdered at Neuengamme in 1943; I finally got the hand written paperwork from the Netherlands.

    The thing what gets me that at present people here have forgotten what happened in Germany; Miller is extremely dangerous as is the whole Trump regime.

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    Arizona -- Thanks for sharing your blog spot on Stephen Miller. Excellent research. Yes I agree he is an "evil man" as we learned right away when Trump brought him into his campaign in January 2016. I looked again at his early life and tried to find something that "radicalized" him. I suspect his embrace of fascism is more a product of his DNA and parental upbringing rather than anything identifiable in his early life. Just reading a book is not enough to convert a person, but it can enhance and solidify a person's political persuasion that was already there.

    Whatever, in the absence of other "adults in the room", Stephen Miller is now the most influential and very dangerous person guiding Trump's policies. Jared Kushner is seemingly relegated to the closet brigade.

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    The Daily Caller reported today that the House is investigating Miller's involvement in the DHS shake up. Since the Trump administration is not cooperating on ANY of the other investigations, it is going to be a while before Miller is "strung up and hung out to dry."

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    that guy in AZ Wrote:

    The Daily Caller reported today that the House is investigating Miller's involvement in the DHS shake up. Since the Trump administration is not cooperating on ANY of the other investigations, it is going to be a while before Miller is "strung up and hung out to dry."

    I hope it will be an "trial" like in Nurenburg after WWII
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    The current administration is far from the only one hat has taken a hard line on immigration.

    One of the earliest examples is probably the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, which declared that Chinese immigrants were ineligible for naturalization. The act was not repealed until 1943, just after we started the Japanese internet project.

    Executive order 9066 established the policy of Japanese internment in 1942, and it lasted until 1945:

    Today marks the anniversary of yet another stab at limiting immigration.

    On this day in 1924, president Calvin Coolidge signed the Immigration Act of 1924.

    Many Americans saw the enormous influx of largely unskilled, uneducated immigrants during the early 1900s as causing unfair competition for jobs and land.

    The Japanese government viewed the American law as an insult, and protested by declaring May 26 a national day of humiliation in Japan. The law fanned anti-American sentiment in Japan, inspiring a Japanese citizen to commit suicide outside the American embassy in Tokyo in protest.? As a result, the seeds of WWII were actually sown in 1924.

    Under the new law, immigration remained open to those with a college education and/or special skills, but entry was denied to Mexicans, and disproportionately to Eastern and Southern Europeans and Japanese. At the same time, the legislation allowed for more immigration from Northern European nations such as Britain, Ireland and Scandinavian countries.

    Remember Operation Wetback?

    Trump's latest immigration plan gives preference to people with a college education and/or special skills, which ignores that fact that we REALLY need a lot more unskilled immigrants picking our lettuce crops, which are rotting in the field.

    When Trump was criticizing the "shit hole" countries, he was wondering why we did not get more immigrants from Norway. He likely wouldn't understand that people from Norway now consider the United States to be a "shit hole country" now that he is president, and that more people immigrate from here to Norway than the reverse. Ironically enough, Norway was once considered to be a "shit hole" country.

    The year that Coolidge signed the Immigration Act also happened to be one of the peak years for the KKK in America. At its peak in the 1920's, 15% of our population (around 5 million men) belonged to the KKK. One of them was Fred Trump.

    Presidents McKinley, Wilson, Harding, and Truman were also members.

    Wilson was known as a virulent racist and actually helped Klan membership skyrocket by providing screenings of The Clansman and Birth of a Nation for members of his Cabinet, Congress, and the Supreme Court.

    Calvin Coolidge was a well known and active Klan member who allowed cross lightings on the Capital steps and also reviewed the giant Klan parades of 1925 and 1926 that were held in Washington D.C..

    History of the Democratic Party on their website conveniently leaves out party history from 1848 to 1900, avoiding publication of information related to the party’s racist roots. Understanding the past is a vital part of not repeating mistakes in the future, and

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    Arizona, excellent. For many Americans this "truth"' hurts.
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    It wasn't long ago that Trump effectively appointed Stephen Miller as his "immigration czar". Like virtually all of Trump's officials, he did not last very long in his position.

    Yesterday, Trump called Thomas Homan out of retirement to be the "immigration czar". Truth be told, he really is not much of an improvement over Miller.

    Here are a few key phrases from the article listed below:

    Homan has a controversial reputation. Under his leadership, border arrests during the Obama administration surged. In 2016, The Washington Post began a profile of Homan: “Thomas Homan deports people. And he’s really good at it.”

    Later, he defended the Trump administration’s policy of separating families at the border, telling Fox News the month that he retired that “you’d have to put the blame on the parents.”

    After leaving the Trump administration, Homan joined Fox News as a contributor.

    Trump announced the appointment during a phone interview with FOX.

    No word yet on what role Stephen Miller will continue to play on immigration, but (ideally) it will be more limited than it is now.

    A few sentences from his bio paint a very good picture of Miller's character:

    Tapper accused Miller of dodging questions, while Miller questioned the legitimacy of CNN as a news broadcaster, and as the interview became more contentious, with both participants talking over each other, Tapper ended the interview and continued to the next news story.[71][72][73] After the interview was over Miller refused to leave the CNN studio and had to be escorted out by security.[74]

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    I guess that is what you get if you invite the "mob" into the White House. Everyone knows the reason; i.e. our voting system is totally corrupted ; for sure in certain States. Also because "big" money runs the show. But yeah no one wants to have an "honest system" which requires stringent PROPER "vetting", of ALL high level functions, as well QUALIFICATIONS for such jobs. Looking at all the "candidates" running now, I doubt if they have any idea what the "job" is all about, let alone have international experience. Even Biden (I think) is not qualified (he still sticks to the antique dated system and is therefore acts more like any "conservative"as well by being an Catholic has no idea of world "reality" because his "brain" is pre-programmed with; well or not "abortion" as dictated by the "church" etc. which he already had to correct.)

    Let alone still having an antiquated "electoral college" as well having no idea what the qualifications should be for Presidents without having no "precise document" (should be by law!), but no candidate has mentioned this until now either) what his/her limits should be for carrying out the job. (the Constitution is way to vague) I guess in 1800 they did not have a clue what would happen in 2016, but yeah in this stupid country they never "updated" the Constitution properly,(only about 150 Amendments in 300 years) for an total different world as now, when it was written. Now we hear everyday: "there is no law for it, except let the zillion "partisan lawyers" here tinker with it, trying to explain "words" which were never written in 1800 at all. (May there is an old "case law" which we can use, ha ha). Unbelievable. Thus people as long as this remains the case, then your President can ask Kim or Putin for help, or has "secret" hour long meetings with them any time without any "record".

    Looking at all of this, then I wonder that this country has lasted this long.


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    Yesterday Trump proclaimed that he is allowed to do whatever he wants, because there are no "limits" on what he can do. He also said again that he wants extended (unlimited?) terms in office (at least until he's as old as the British Queen?).

    Thus exactly as I've said so many times; that this country still lives in the "stone age" related to giving an President the powers of any "dictator"; the same as castle Kings from the past in 1500.

    But yeah we've been lucky all these years, that we did not get more of the Trump "mob boss" types as leaders. Now it is too late to correct things; unless something drastic happens and the "laws/documents" are made as I described as indicated in my previous writing of this subject thread. The damage is done and will have dire consequences.

    I still don't see an way for the Dem's to remove him; unless the Dem's win in 2020. However it will be an uphill battle, because of at least 85% of the GOP will stick with him until the end.

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    Trump is America's version of the "mad king of Bavaria".

    Yesterday morning, he tweeted that his supporters might demand that he serve more than two terms - possibly as much as 10 to 14 years (yikes!). Since it's unconstitutional, it won't happen, but his cult members still keep believing that it could.

    He still thinks that the New York Times and the Washington Post are "the enemy of the people".

    “The good news is that at the end of 6 years, after America has been made GREAT again and I leave the beautiful White House, both of these horrible papers will quickly go out of business & be forever gone!”

    The similarity to Trump to Ludwig II is here:

    Ludwig increasingly withdrew from day-to-day affairs of state in favor of extravagant artistic and architectural projects. (Trump Tower Moscow?. "Big, beautiful wall? Military parade on Veteran's Day?)

    Ludwig spent all his royal revenues (although not state funds as is commonly thought) on these projects, borrowed extensively, and defied all attempts by his ministers to restrain him. This extravagance was used against him to declare him insane, an accusation which has since come under scrutiny.

    In Trump's case, he spent all the revenue (and then some) from Deutsche Bank and other gullible banks - and then declared bankruptcy SIX times. He is famous for ignoring the advice of his advisers, and 27 mental health experts have determined that he is likely mentally ill.

    https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Ludwig_II_of_Bavaria

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    Reading your story, it gives me the idea that we all live in an "balloon" which can "pop" at any moment. How low can an country sink by electing leaders who actually belong in the nut house. I wrote so many time how to fix it, but yeah the dumb people of this country have no clue about the why and how all of this happened until it is too late. Shaking my old head.
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    The New York Times had a lengthy article about Miller this morning that is worth reading:

    When historians try to explain how opponents of immigration captured the Republican Party, they may turn to the spring of 2007, when President George W. Bush threw his waning powers behind a legalization plan and conservative populists buried it in scorn.

    The story that has defined Mr. Miller’s life began two decades before his birth, when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed a 1965 law ending quotas that chose immigrants based on their national origin and heavily favored white people from Northern Europe.

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    Maybe Time should put Stephen Miller on the front cover with a big splash and rave about how he "controls" and manipulates Trump's thinking. Call him "Trump's brain" much like Karl Rove was Bush's brain.

    Trump will then fire him. He cannot share the limelight.