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Donald Trump Tax Returns

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    Trump's acquittal certainly emboldened him to continue to break laws with impunity. Not only is he continuing to push and embellish the false Hunter Biden "shady deal", he likewise can continue to stonewall on his tax returns and other documents until he runs out the clock. And having installed his cronies in key positions in the IRS, Treasury, and other agencies he has a first line of defense against "intrusion" into his financial or other affairs. And for any potential whistle blowers or others who are inclined to honor subpoenas in those or other agencies (the deep state), well he is making an example of them. Lt. Colonel Vidman was not only fired, his being escorted out the door in broad daylight with media cameras rolling was meant to humiliate him.

    And if his first line of defense doesn't work, his second line of defense is all the cronies he and McConnell have installed in the courts all the way to the Supreme Court. And if he defies any of those rulings, he can be sure that Barr will not go after him. What's left? The House can impeach him again, and the Senate can try him again with the same result.

    As long as Trump can hold onto a 40 plus approval rating the Republicans in Congress will circle the wagons around him. He is the world's greatest con artist and will proudly wear that badge. Maybe he will even be re-elected in November. Who knows?

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    Justice may eventually prevail.

    After Trump is out of office, hopefully in the next election, I firmly believe that the Southern District of New York is going to hang him out to dry for good !

    Wishful thinking.

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    Yes Schmidt; you exactly wrote what is going on here; the laws and rules here are so weak that an spoiled brad con-man can have it his corrupt way, regardless of having never studied or served this country due to an fake bone spur and millions of dollars hand-outs from his KKK daddy who also never paid his workers. But yeah that type of person is what they wanted here, so why complain? Hitler was also praised in 1933, but not in 1945. Amen