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Donald Trump is a fraud at golf

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    Rick Reilly, The Atlantic, Whatever Trump Is Playing, It Isn’t Golf

    We've mentioned on this website that Trump cheats at golf. Rick Reilly has a little more to say about Trump's golf game:

    "Whatever sport he’s playing, it isn’t golf. He cheats. He lies. He kicks. And not just his ball — yours, too. He props up a 2.8 handicap that’s faker than WrestleMania 35. He wins tournaments he never even played in. He wins tournaments that weren’t even held. And it’s not just the cheating. It’s the way he plays the game—with all the golf etiquette of an elephant on Red Bull. Trump promised to Make America Great Again. He’s definitely Made Golf Gross Again.

    "He drives his golf cart on greens. He drives it on tee boxes. He never, ever walks, even on the courses he owns that have banned carts (Trump Turnberry.) He always hits first, never mind who won the last hole, and then jumps in his Super Mario Kart with his caddy and peels off before you’ve even hit, the better to be 150 yards ahead of you so the two of them can foozle, fudge, and foot-wedge in private."

    "He does all of this because he has to win. A loss is to Donald Trump what a shower is to the Wicked Witch of the West. He has to win no matter how much cheating, lying, and pencil erasing it takes. He has to win whether you’ve caught him or not. Maybe it was his father beating into his kid brain, Win, win, win. Be a winner, over and over."

    If you can judge a man by the way he plays golf, then yes the way Trump plays golf is a good indicator of his character.

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    The "fraud" will only escalate; especially with the next election; he will use every means (as with his golf "game") to win.

    Looking at the present situation; regardless of having won the House, the hands of the Dem's are tied behind their backs, so their win in the mid-terms does n't mean anything; the con-men are now placed all over in the government to obstruct the "weak" laws/rules here. Neither do I see that the "candidates" who are running in 2020 have it what it takes to get rid of the "mob". Just like everything in life; disasters due to mismanagement are done in seconds; to fix it will take ages.

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    A fraud at all things including Golf.

    Because 99% of white men over 35 years of age are terrified of social embarrassment.... #45 goes unquestioned each and everyday. That will be an odd footnote as history tries to summarize this awkward chapter.

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    Cheating in golf is akin to cheating in solitaire. It's one thing to "play the ball up" (moving it out of divots or out from behind a tree without penalty), but straight up fabricating a score is on a whole other level.

    Donald's inability to play a "gentlemen's game" like golf without cheating says all we need to know about him as a person.

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    An article in the New York Post this morning explains why American taxpayers have spent a fortune supporting Trump's golf outings.

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    Only possible in the US; except may be in Russia. When does America finally wake up that the elected idiot is an "mental" patient who acts now as dictator? Who tramples all the easily broken "laws" with plenty of "loopholes" in it designed by the zillion corrupt lawyer types here.

    Where are the "brains"? He "golfs" the same way as he "governs'. Ask his "niece" what she thinks about this idiot.

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    I read Reilly’s book, Commander-In-Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump. Trump, according to the book, is actually a pretty good golfer. His problem is that he must win even when winning is not the point. Thus he cheats. He also claims multiple club championships which are bogus. When he has opened a golf course he plays the first round and claims that as a club championship. Simply lying.