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Discounting socialist elects Trump.

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    Trump is living proof that you can fly the skies in a Trumble Jet without the aid of a regulated economy. Every negative socialist remark is helping to reelect Trump. Trump is the antithesis of socialist tax and regulations. The smart people better start expanding on the benefits of a socialist influence on an ecomomy. Trump turns more events into his favor everyday. Trump can't beat Bernie in a debate because Bernie is the originator of his philosophy. The newly born social left leaning people don't have the heart to beat Trump. How about Amazon paying zero federal taxes while destroying thousands of jobs.
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    The term socialist is applied rather loosely by pundits and politicians. And when we are talking about socialist proposals, there are degrees of socialism...or degrees of progressivism, I suppose. Sanders Medicare for All Act is called "socialist", but are not other sound proposals for affordable universal health coverage not socialist also? Or progressive? If it cost the beneficiary a modest fee for a service, is it "not progressive enough"?

    Proposals on taxation to reduce economic inequality, proposals to make college more affordable and reduce student debt, proposals to combat climate change, and others are called "socialism" and/or "progressive" if they are far to the left of anything out there (beyond reality), but more pragmatic proposals that do the same thing, but more modestly, are attacked by progressive liberals as "not progressive enough". Just saying...

    The campaign rhetoric is full of "promises"...the "I wills" by Bernie Sanders and others, but have zero chance of being implemented in the foreseeable future. Just saying...

    One of the stupidest questions being asked of candidates now is "do you support doing away with the electoral college?" When there is zero chance of that happening why even ask the question? If someone answers, "yes if elected I will do away with the electoral college", that person is dishonest and will not get my vote. Just saying...

    That electoral college question is just to illustrate the kind of stuff being asked in ignorance by pundits. Another question is, "do you support Medicare for all"? That can mean different things to different people. They don't ask, "do you support affordable universal heath care coverage, and if so please explain your proposal?

    Just saying...

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    I hope your message gets around to limiting the knee jerk reaction to the word socialist. Most of all we have is possible by socializing the risk and cost. Insurance in general socializes risk and cost. School system and highway system and armed forces are all possible by socializing cost .